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  1. That is some serious metal work there Isidro, nice to see you again in competition bro Keep on good and unique work Cheers
  2. Exexe

    Razor's Edge

    cool idea, nice metal sheet work there, good luck Iraklis Cheers
  3. heavy duty looking machine , i like it
  4. I like it already, resistance is futile
  5. Exexe

    No. 29 by MisterX

    nice and elegant, good work mister x
  6. i like it, the steel is real
  7. Exexe


    Hi mate, good 2 c u 2, still in 3D, must hurry up Cheers
  8. hey St.o.CH, nice work so far mate Btw. last sketch is the best Cheers
  9. I see here some serious modeling, looking forward to see more
  10. looking forward to see more
  11. well, this is something new, i am looking forward to see more
  12. Izgleda zanimjivo, btw. rad u sketchupu neizgleda loše kao što govoriš Veselim se progresa. Pozz
  13. Awadon that is one great work, love it, best desk after seeing so much generic look like desks. Mod on Cheers
  14. Since i covered mobo i was worried about temps. But i must say that circulation i maded in this mod is great and CM seidon 240m is holding up very well, even OC-ed.
  15. In lack of ssd disk i decided to put 2.5" sata hdd's for a while.
  16. Final pics, bad camera, hope you would enjoy anyway Thanks for watching.
  17. brushed aluminum... what was i thinking...this take most of my time today I managed to cut plexi to fit in window The other side shows how brushing comes out just fine.