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  1. Thanks Todd I was playing with the mechanism today and work like a charm, now i just have to put some electronics
  2. Thanks bro, so much more to do, the mechanism is PITA
  3. Ok guys, is time to move This is aluminum self ventilating case powered by arduino and few servos,, more info to come...
  4. this is awesome, good luck mate :
  5. you bet i am sir, too complicated design and lot of mechanic so still in progress but trust me it would be interesting
  6. Ali prima wie immer, nice to see you again in competition, good luck mate Gruß
  7. interesting work mate, looking forward 2 c more Cheers
  8. Exexe

    "Light Glass"

    nice work, looking forward to see more Cheers
  9. awesome work bro, your projects are all about nice design like every year good luck Cheers
  10. Exexe


    that is some heavy duty work you got there mate, looking forward to see more Cheers
  11. more metal work, i am impressed, keep good work mate Cheers
  12. That is some serious metal work there Isidro, nice to see you again in competition bro Keep on good and unique work Cheers
  13. Exexe

    Razor's Edge

    cool idea, nice metal sheet work there, good luck Iraklis Cheers
  14. heavy duty looking machine , i like it
  15. I like it already, resistance is futile
  16. Exexe

    No. 29 by MisterX

    nice and elegant, good work mister x
  17. i like it, the steel is real