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  1. thank you sir, is an honor btw, those white glowing vents are coolermasters jet flows, and i work as a CNC programer and operater, from CNC to bending machine etc PSU is coolermasters v1300 and yes, they are 3d printed petg translucent and that was idea but didnt have enough time
  2. if i'd do any restoration, that would be vw ghia muscle style, small v8 block, bumpers fited into the body, hydaulic disc brakes, modern suspension, some chip foose wheels and modern custom control panel
  3. for ekwb?....i wish that jetta is rare even for europe
  4. thanks man, i appreciate it yeah, mk1 is legendary
  5. I7 7700k asus tuf mark2 corsair vegeance 16gb coolermaster v1300 samsung ssd 250gbx2 wd ssd 500gb msi vega 64 ekwb cooling cpu+gpu
  6. Proud to be sponsored by the local guys, thank you again for opportunity EKWB Proud to be sponsored bz CoolerMaster, thank you
  7. This is tribute to legendary golf gti mk1. Is a 1/2 scale front end of the car only. Full aluminum 1.5mm body, control panel is 3d printed, etc...
  8. looking forward 2 c more
  9. ok guys The construction is done, tomorrow painting and final assembly, servos, arduino, motherboard etc..