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  1. PROJECT G.I Joe

    looking forward 2 c more
  2. TPS-L2

    nice nice
  3. Bastion

    nice work
  4. Project Scorpio

    nice job
  5. [Scratch Build] Rebreather by Exe

    ok guys The construction is done, tomorrow painting and final assembly, servos, arduino, motherboard etc..
  6. [Scratch Build] Rebreather by Exe

    Thanks Todd I was playing with the mechanism today and work like a charm, now i just have to put some electronics
  7. [Scratch Build] Rebreather by Exe

    Thanks bro, so much more to do, the mechanism is PITA
  8. [Scratch Build] Rebreather by Exe

    initial assembly
  9. Ok guys, is time to move This is aluminum self ventilating case powered by arduino and few servos,, more info to come...