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  1. Grande ese V8 GTS Masbuskado . Ya veremos q gran Mod te avientas suerte
  2. ModdingMX POWA! xD Que gusto que ya seamos mas Mexicans ! Hay que darle tupido haber q sale
  3. Thank you so Much bro. but wait to see the Covers installed. that´s the really good job !! thank you again....
  4. Ya esta men muchas gracias hay que darle y poner el nombre de México en alto XD
  5. Hello Guys this is my first time on the Cooler Master CASEMOD COMPETITION good luck to all ! After looking at him constantly, I thought it best to have something different and nobody had anything exactly the same. That's why I decided to start making Modding .. In this post slowly learn about the different changes that took my HAF X Black and White Materials. Removing the original black paint. Preparing the surface with PRIMER Already Painted the HAF X .. And the Cooler Master v6 with the Paint Modd too.. Reassembling all the hardware and case stuff.. So here was the first phase of the HAF X Black and White THE NEXT STEP IS THE SIDE PANEL MODDING ... After painting this is the appearance of the new HAF X, but still needed something more, a 200mm fan on the side did not allow looking inside, so I decided to remove And now to paint again the side panel ! This is the result For the Borders ! I thought if I used a smoke-colored acrylic would be very dark so I used clear acrylic and polarize with a low tone My new side panel ! And the side panel installed THE NEXT STEP. PSU AND HDDS COVER ... !!!! The first step was, do Cardboard covers measuring and testing in the case .. And the psu cover test... And ready to láser. !! Here the HDDS COVERS result... Psu Cover over here.. Very Clean.. Making the cable space ( Front panel , F-Audio and front USB ) The effect of light could only be achieved if we remove the transparent cover After the carbon fiber,, testing the backlight The same steps with the hdds cover