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  1. When does the 2014 competition start? Havent seen anything on it just yet?
  2. I have been procrastinating long enough lol I have posted the final pics on my flickr as my pics have as large resolution. I am not by any means a profession photographer so these pics are the best I could do. Good luck to everyone out there competing...Oh and I have few additions and subtractions I did because it looks a little better with or without them. I did however add a Corsair H100i as a CPU cooler (caught it on sale lol). Thanks
  3. Sorry everybody for lapse of updating. Been pretty with stuff outside the build especially with Christmas coming up. I do have everything sleeved and I'm pretty excited to see this build finished. I am working over time to get pictures up. Thanks everyone for the views and the support.
  4. Finally got the stuff from Lutro0 today. Got a long day ahead of me sleeving and whatnot. I'm gonna finalize some things and it should be mostly completed within the next few days. I am very excited to finally see this build done. I also am going to post the final pics within the next few days.
  5. So due to some cooling issues with the graphics card and the cpu cooler being so large I had to redo my thinking on the cooling the cpu. I swapped out my GTX V8 with an Antec 620 I had laying around. So far, I'm seeing temp drops of almost 10ish degrees. I also added a 200mm fan on top. I plan on painting the cooler and fan to match everything but on the flip side, I have ordered the sleeving stuff and now I'm just waiting on Lutro0 to send it to me! I'll post some pics within the next few days. I am kind of irritated that the air cooler was too large and was blocking the airflow but I guess everything works out.
  6. So I've added some new build pics. In these pics I toke the side panels off an old NZXT 410 case that I had, cut them to specs and I covered them in carbon fiber wrap. These new sections are being used to divide the lower half from the upper half. Keep in mind that what are in these pictures are not the final product as I still need to sleeve and pretty every thing up and I also haven't finished paint the side panels. For the cable sleeves, I am going with both red and silver paracord with silver heatshrink. More updates will follow as I finish more on the mod. Further in the photostream is the original concept drawing I did in the case. A few minor details in the drawings have been changed and I'm gonna change a few other minor details.
  7. I've decided to add some black carbon fiber on the inside with carbon fiber colored sleeves. I also have a mod in mind for the lower half of the case which I think will look awesome. This will alleviate trying to do a lot of cable management on part.
  8. Waiting a few decals to get here, then I gotta finish up cable management then some clear coat and then I have a few more surprises up my sleeve for it then all finished.
  9. Finally got the reactor in it. Toke a little sweet time with the dremel. The Reactor does light up a nice neon blue
  10. Got the ARC REACTOR in today...super excited to put the pics up. After sleeving cables tonite I am too tired to try to put it in. I'm gonna save that monster for another day. Here are a few pics for you to drool over. (And yes, it does light up a cool neon blue) A big thumbs up to Major League Mods for setting me up with this one.
  11. I've gotten as much painting as I can do for now, waiting on the Stark Industries decals and the Major League Mods Arc Reactor to come but other than that, I'm about done doing all I can do. I still need to do the sleeving of the cables but I am waiting on a complete paint job to do the finalizing. I am going to take more pics later today. Any feedback would be awesome.
  12. Here are some updated pics....I put it together just to make sure everything runs and has good air flow...I need to apply the second color of the paint (silver) then add the ARC reactor (which should be here in a couple days)...I also want to add some carbon fiber to a few places to hide the wires and do some cable management. I then have some more minor painting and things to do. (If you go to the right on flickr, I have more photos...I dont like uploading on here because of picture size limitations.)
  13. I've got the designs drawn up and specs are as follows: Cooler Master HAF XB (custom paint and mod job) ASUS ROG Maximus Formula VI (custom paint) Intel I7-4770K CORSAIR Vengence 16GB Coolmax 1000w PSU ASUS OC GTX 760 x 2 (SLI) (custom paint) Cooler Master GTS V8 CPU Cooler WIN 7 Ultimate 64-Bit .... and a Stark Ind. Arc reactor (Gen 1) Will have pictures within next few days to maybe a week....I am very excited about this build ***Alrighty everybody I've modded a few things, I've ordered the parts and am now waiting on the delivery guy. I should have pics posted by Sunday. The reason I've edited the component list is because the boss (aka my wife lol) says if I buy any more she is going to kill me. I've gotta get the paint and a few other things but other than that, we are ready to start. :D 10/06 I started taping stuff up for the paint job. I am going for the MARK V and this is because this was the suit that Tony Stark used as the suitcase suit. It has a titanium and a hot rod red color. I have applied a first coat to the front panel and psu holder. I snapped a few shots of the goodies I picked up so far....the delivery man is gonna surprise me with more tomorrow The color on this front panel has light first coat...mind you it will A LOT better when finished.