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  1. finally i have another update, ive been busy with the mod but mostly tapping the holes for the radiators(over 800 total) today i was milling the motherboard cover(cpu side), to make the microchannels in the aluminun. the channels are 0,4mm wide, 1,8mm deep and there are 49 total. it took more than 7 hours of milling time because i was using a normal endmill and with a width of 0,4mm you can only go 0,05mm at a time the cpu is 1,45mm away from the bottom of the channels so the heatconduction should be ok. also i milled the front alu plate, the hole for the touch screen is still missing but im working on it. also i decided not to hurry and finish before the 31 januari deadline, i figured i dont have a very high chance of winning anyway so why bother rushing. so im officially stepping out of the competition.
  2. another update: i designed a motherboard shield/watercooling kit made out of 2 pieces, a lower part and a top part. today i milled the top part: bottom view: top view: the space above the cpu socket will get 0.5mm channels for watercooling, the surface should roughly be the same as an ek supreme, performance will be 50% i think because of the alu. tomorrow i hope to make the bottom part, the cooling channels will be added somewhere in the next 2 weeks.
  3. finally had some time to make me some more parts, took the week off so i have a dubble update for you guys, i made the new front and the alu part for 1 of the 2 side radiators. first a couple of pics of the new front, probably this is going to be painted and there still needs to come a alu plate on the front. the first 4 pics show the front upside down on the case(later desided because of space issue) now i have some pictures of the side radiator, it is a little bit smaller as the previous one its a 240 instead of 360 and also it is only 125 wide instead of 180mm. phone in the picture is a ipone 4 for size reference. now im going to prepare the aluminium for the second side radiators to build that tomorrow morning. if that part is finished i have all labour intensive parts done exept for the the part for the motherboard(still messing with ideas)
  4. because i posted these on other forums the cooler master forum cant stay behind the work order: rough cut 6mm 1 flute cutter(holes and the mayor water paths) finishing hexagon holes with 3mm frees(making the holes nicely hexagon) finish with 1,5mm cutter(oring slots and screw holes) that is it for now, next weekend i hope to start on the new front plate.
  5. ian not to bust your chops but the rules state that the case cannot have entered in a previous coolermaster competition, and i do believe the hwi/coolermaster casemod competition counts
  6. in other news: santa came early this year and he delivered me a lot of nice stuffies first up: the plexiglass: 3x 12-8 plexi tubes 1x 1000x500 3mm plexi clear 1x 1000x500 3mm plexi white 1x 800x400 3mm plexi mirror 1x 550x300 25mm plexi clear the big fat plate that is going to be milled into my front piece: also the aluminium finally arrived today the small slices weigh 1.65kg each and the bigger piece weighs 3.8kg :rock: also i found a good deal on a new drill press, it is stronger and much bigger than my old cheap drill pres which was wobbling a lot. this will certainly come in handy when drilling on the sides of very big reservoirs(1M max size) also finally the solenoid valves arrived, these will be used in combination with the top radiator, details will come later i currently have 2 versions, a metal heavy duty one and a smaller plastic one. i will probably use the plastic version since it will not mess with the aluminium. i have also gotten the arduino fake, touch screen and the relais block that will control the motorized valves and the solonoid valves. well yesterday i have been busy from 15:00 til 24:00 with the top radiator the weight went from 3.8kg to 1.55kg so more than 2kg was taken away without furter ado: the results it takes almost 4M of oring cord to seal the radiator on one side so about 8m total, just hope i can get it watertight. i also have some foto's of the progress so if there is interest in seeing those foto's i will post them on request.
  7. thanks some good and bad news, the good news is that i finally got a delivery date for the aluminium, the bad news is that it is next monday. so just after a weekend i also have assembled 1 spinner and wanted to show you guys how it looks: the camera does make it look more blue however, in reality it is glowing nicely green. if you look closely you can see that i have threaded the entire rod surrounding the ccfl, i might do that to all the tubes in this build because it just adds that extra dimention to the tubes. a small overview of the case: first i have a small overview of the case: top view of the top radiator: sideview: perspective view: i will also make 2 radiators on the bottom: top(side) view:: side of the radiator: perspective: the water chanals of the radiators are going all the way through the aluminum and are sealed on either side with a plexiglas panel+oring. this way i can easily put a led strip directly underneath the channels and combined with aurora fluid this is hopefully going to look fantastic. next week i will have the plexiglass for the front panel, mirrors and the alu so next weekend hopefully there will be a big update
  8. same here. We still have to post some updates, but the mod was just recently started, so there isn't really much progress. Hopefully someone from Cooler Master can clarify this for us. i also have the same thing, also did not get any confermation whatsoever that i sucssesfully joined the competition. just got confermation that i joined succesfully so i think they are working on it
  9. same here. We still have to post some updates, but the mod was just recently started, so there isn't really much progress. Hopefully someone from Cooler Master can clarify this for us. i also have the same thing, also did not get any confermation whatsoever that i sucssesfully joined the competition.
  10. well today i worked on the components of the spinner part, for this reservoir it will consist of 2 bearings per tube reservoir, one on the bottom and one on the top to hold the uv green rods at the top in place. first i made the water guides, these help convert the flow of water going in(vertical) to a nice rotating stream to power the flow indicators(reactor core's) next are the actual flow indicator parts, these will house 5 4mm thick uv green rods each: next is a picture of the bottom part with the inlets and the water guides: next with the water guides mounted: added the flow indicators: added the walls for some visual indicaton how it will look, put a ccfl in the centre tube and one stick of uv green rod(will be cut to size later) the last one for this week is the complete overview of the spinner parts: (the complete round part is the top uv green rod holder. only a couple things left to do for this res: top lid, back mirror and the middel mirror. that is it for this week, next week im hoping i can start on the aluminium radiators
  11. well i have ordered some new valves so hopefully this time they do arrive. i also finished the design of my front reservoir: the idea is to use 2 valves, 1 connected to the main box reservoir and 1 connected to the tube reservoirs, the intake will be in the 2 tube reservoirs but the 2 other valves enable me to level the water level of the 2 reservoirs(both open), maintain water level(box res closed) and overflow the tube reservoirs(box open, tube reservoirs closed) the simulation how i want it is: normal(tube reservoirs full, box reservoir looks empty) steam buildup(insufficient cooling of reactor causes the water to socalled turn into steam) reactor breach/meltdown(casing looks like it bursts and water rushes out of the top of the tubes) the reservoir is only visible from the top to the grey plate. for extra effect i might add oil instead of air to get a more awesome effect(lavalamp like) going to start on this reservoir in the weekend unless some miracle happens and my aluminium arrives so i started on the reservoir today and this is the result: today i finally was able to begin building the parts for the reservoir, it turned out great if i may say so first the dry assembled reservoir(spinner and ccfl tube are still on the way) a picture of the outside reservoir walls removed: the bottom plate: from left to right: bottom, side, front/back, and below them is the top plate that is it for today, tormorrow im planning on building the spinners for the res aswel as making the centre tube res pipe to hold the ccfl. the plan that i have is to put a 3mm mirror on the back of the reservoir, that will give it some more depth. reservoir size is: 146*215*155mm(width*hight*depth)
  12. you should really consider resizing your pictures because it is almost unwatchable. you completely lose what is going on in the pictures.
  13. hey everybody, For the coolermaster casemod contest im going to build a new pc case. it will be based on the cooler master centurion 6 case which ofcourse will be modified extensively. this mod wil incorperate: custom reservoirs, custom made radiators and some more things im still working on. in the top i will put a 360 self made radiator, in the bottom on the sides will be 2x 240mm rads based on the same principle. The front will host a special reservoir based on my tube reservoirs with spinners. and maybe if i have space, time and money left i will do some more stuff. this build is going to be somewhat on a budget since i have almost all components i only needed to order some special watercooling stuf(still a secret) and the metal for the radiators. the front panel will be replaced by a nice steel or aluminium one instead of the somewhat cheap plastic. here are the first pics of my progress: so after these pics i stripped the case of its rivits to be able to draw my cutting lines etc. as you can see the 5.25 bays are gone aswell as the 3.5 inch bays. stay tuned for some awesome watercooling magic next update will probably be in 2 to 3 weeks because im waiting on some components coming from china.