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  1. Now all the main little bits were done I decided to start on the hard tubing for the rest of this build. I want the lines to look decent without having a ton of angles all over the place, just a few subtle 45 and 90 degree bends here and there. To make things easy for me I mounted the pump directly to the GPU, EK dcp 2.0 pump is very light so with a little help from the tubes holding the card inplace flex shouldn't be an issue. I decided then that I don't need to use a 360 radiator in the loop, its simply overkill for a 5800k APU and a single gpu. So in the interest of the mod looking great and have decent cooling I opted for a 240 and 140 radiator setup. The 140 radiator is a magicool slim but I find the HAF XM has a problem with flush fitting radiators to the rear fan mounting, in order to do this you have to remove the top pci-e slot so that's what I did. Luckily for me the gpu sits in the second and third pci-e slots Primochill tubes are great to work with so far. Here is everything fitted tube inplace, you can also see in this pic Ive painted a fan blade of a Thermalright 140 fan and painted the cpu mounting plate black to match the ram block. All tubing is complete and we are ready to fill! I needed to power the two Jetflo fans and wanted them to be controlled in a decent way so the job had to come down to Lamptron. They have really done well with the CM615 controller, it has very many options and is a massive improvement over the old lamptron touch. I made a last minute decision to change my card out for a AMD 290x with ek waterblock, I havent got a backplate yet but Il update the log once I have my hands on one. The Names Bond, James Bond Maybe some of you were wondering why I called this Mod Goldfing3r. Well Goldfinger is a James Bond film made in 1964 when Bond was Sean Connery and also happens to be my favourite Bond character ever, I always thought about making a James bond themed mod since I got into PC modding and with that, I decided to buy some toys for the PSU cover PEW PEW!! James Trying to save the girl from Odd Jobs evil razor sharp hat Odd Job trying to play frisbee of death The whole scene Final Pictures What Now? Well guys that pretty much sums it up for the real mods I did on this case. I did some more little touches here and there but really not a lot more to see. The rig is now complete and Im extremely honoured to have competed in this comp. This is my first modding contest ever and enjoyed every minute, Im not heavily sponsored but I appreciate the help massively Ive had over the years with review materials and promotional opportunities from Lamptron, Coolermaster, Mayhems, Primochill, Modsmart, ModwithMe, Thermalright, Shakmods, EK , Red Harbinger, Icemodz and of course the awesome and infamous Feser, Thankyou and if theres anyone left out from this build Im super sorry! Im not a pro, I dont sell these rigs day in day out but instead I just did it for fun and to see if I could, isnt that the essence of modding really? Hopefully soon I can do more themed mods, its a bit of a dream of mine. Hope you guys enjoyed and good luck to everyone(but mostly me ) in the competition!
  2. Sorry guys been a busy month but Im back to finish this build log Here is where I left the build log, I had completed the basics of what will be the psu cover and painted most items that needed it but had to rivet in the hdd cage before going forward. Can you spot the jetflo fans? I love these Il talk about them after. I was thinking what to do with the PSU cover and thought a good plan would be to consult http://www.modwithme.com again and ask for some laser cut lettering. I asked for gold and Sander came out with this amazing cast plexi Next thing to do would be covering the psu cover in black vinyl. I also test fitted the motherboard at this point. Now I had the vinyl sorted I glued on the pieces of plexi with moddeling glue and it gave a great result, not sure on the 007 at the bottom though this may be removed. Still havent riveted in the hdd cage... I also had to make a sata cable sleeved for the rear of the case, was a good experience and glad learnt how to do it. And Then.. My dremel broke while making my window mod. I had to make a hole in the back of the mobo tray to facilitate a fill/drain port that connects to the EK reservoir bottom and had nothing but my hand drill and small bits, so I went Chuck Norris style and made about 5 billion little holes to make a big hole, not the best work Ive done but its functional at least..HDD cage is riveted yay! Now, my mod is black/gold all the way and I bought a copper EK ram block thinking I was clever, well I was so wrong about the purchase its unreal, the colour was super overpowering the rest of the theme, here is the culprit. While its a lovely bit of machining and design its the wrong colour so I set about a plan to remedy this. First up I thought of painting the bottom block in its entirety, me using water based paints...that might not work so I did this! Now the entire area that will be full of liquid is masked off I cant really go wrong. Heres the result Little overspray into the O-ring channel but the plan worked out fine, now clear coat and re fitting , looks much better
  3. Hi! I havent abandoned this project dont worry! I have however had a lot to deal with recently with website database issues at http://www.rigmods.com (that I fixed woot!) and some other modding related stuff elsewhere I had to get done, namely airbrush work for the amazing Parkway drive project by James Heal you can see here https://www.facebook.com/parkwaydriveproject?fref=ts I will be back in action next week and will show you how far Ive come with this Take care guys, happy new year and hope you all had a great christmas!
  4. After painting the hdd bays I thought I would take a look at them fitted and I think they look pretty good, I just now have to figure out the exact spot to mount the cage but I will do this after making a psu cover Remember the awesome red harbinger res cover? Well its a prototype and felt pretty bad about doing this but for the purpose of this comp and sticking to the theme I painted it. First I gave it a base of white After it dried I went over in gold Here it is fitted back onto the EK Res X3 250ml reservoir Next thing I did was start on a psu cover mod. Im making this cover out of plexi so I need heat, same principal as bending hard tubes. First thing I did was measure up exactly the length I need to do 2 bends then do my first bend. I could have just left it at that but then I would have no way to mount it to the case so I decided on following the same design as the original HAF XM cover and make a lipped edge so I can mount the cover to the side of the case with a m3 screw. Here is the basic shape finished, notice I made an extra cut by the pcie so it sits flush against the case. My next update I will be covering the psu cover in vinyl and adding in gold plexi letters and backlighting, should be a lot of fun
  5. Been a little since I updated First up I managed to finish sleeving my Cooler Master V850w PSU, took a while to splice all the wires but it turned out quite well I think. I notice I have one cable to redo on the 24 pin but thats fine I also got some great cable tidies from Mod/Smart and they really do a great job Then I got some superb fans from Cooler Master, the CM Jetflo 120, All I did with these is sleeve the cables, no further modding required, here they are test fitted to the Feser Admiral radiator Im using up front Uploaded with ImageShack.us Now I had to play with some hard tubes and work out a decent path, here is a picture of the bending jig I used from the awesome guys at ModWithMe and a finished tube ready to fit And here is the tube fitted with EK angle fittings and Primochill Ghost hard tube Compression fittings, very nice. Now back to painting! I have some hard drive covers that need painting in gold , heres a pic of the covers prepped and cleaned before painting I always do a base of white with gold, if you paint over black it will be very dark and not really noticable First coat of gold Back soon with more updates
  6. I carried on using a little gold leaf on a EK Supremacy clean top (the one with no circles) and it came out quite nicely. Also Primochill sent me some great looking Rigid tubing fittings along with a test bench im reviewing soon so couldnt resist fitting them to see how they looked! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  7. Tonight I thought I would get a few other things done so I started with this awesome Cooler Master V 850w Power supply,It is 80 plus gold rated and carries 70a on the 12v, its new, its shiny, I love it. Also the cables are good being all black and modular but for the purpose of modding and keeping to a theme its time to break warranty Here is the v850 power supply Im using sitting next to an awesome Red Harbinger Cover for EK res x3 reservoirs, just thought I would show it because its cool . Now I got this much done using some really good Shakmods sleeving and then I ran into 4 pairs of double wires So I got the old soldering iron out and got to work Only 3 more to go!
  8. Phame you rock man really love your work! I have a old GTX 480 gpu and a ekwb waterblock and backplate so I got thinking about how I could theme it for this build. At first I thought of sending it off for laser but then changed my mind I got given some gold leaf off a friend and I thought it would be perfect for this. Ive never done this before either so will be a fun experience! This is my first attempt, few imperfections here and there but will give it another going over later before submitting my log I have done other stuff too, I will upload later
  9. New update for you guys. First thing I did was paint up the hdd cages and gave the top drive cage another lick of paint Then I turned my attention to the really cool tool less drive bay switches. I really like these, they make hot swapping drives super easy Now to start riveting this cage back in Looking gooooooood! Really happy with the result. The insides of the case wont be overdone in gold, just subtle accenting More later! Have fun guys!
  10. Thanks a lot mate, will be more updates tonight and if I have time I will show the main piece that will make this rig 'golden' lol
  11. Now for some fun! Here is the insides of the case. I need to move the hard drive cage to fit a Feser Admiral 240 radiator in the front, mod the top of the case to fit a 360mm ekwb radiator ans paint up the insides. Doing the 360 rad mod is the easiest thing ever. There is a piece of steel on top that is rounded, cut it out and cut the plastics a little on the power/usb/audio bit on top of the case. One perfectly fitting radiator Next up I removed the bottom HDD cage by removing the 3.2mm rivets using titanium bits, I also only use a hand powered drill for case modding since we are talking really thin materials Now I mock fitted the radiator to see if there is any fouling, there is, the drive bay mounts are covering the area I place fittings, no good, time to fix. From this I decided to remove all cages A little cutting.. And a little Filing of course. Small test see if I can reward myself a cookie...I can! Now sanding and painting and can move on Uploaded with ImageShack.us More tomorrow
  12. This here is the case door. Im not sure about the windows yet I might get rid of the bulge but for now it needs a colour change. I sanded it down before painting Here it is done in Wicked Black Then I placed on the handle, its looking sweet! Then I fitted just to see how Im doing. I think this is ok so far so next is the internals and a little modding
  13. Thanks a lot Vinny Today I got the badge on and mock fitted a Lamptron CW611 to see how it looks. Also I have just received my new cutting discs so will be sorting out some casemods later I also just got the top grills finished. This case needs a clean! The handle on the HAF XM has previously repainted with a crackle effect primer and blue over the top . I still like this so I will be laying down white straight on top after cleaning it then adding the gold and hopefully it will give off a more 'solid gold bar' effect Now its white This is what I mean by Gold bar look, the crackles raise and lower and is textured, pretty sure with gold on top it will look good Its a real gold bar I swear, £10,000 and its yours here it is finished and ready to fit. Next will be the case doors and internals..
  14. well done mate, saw that psu last year, looks great the effect is brilliant!
  15. Hey MyBad thanks man! Means a lot coming from a top modder like you. Finished for tonight but here is how the front is looking so far Cutting discs arrive in the morning for the window work and cage work