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  1. Hi and Good Day! Introduction: This scratch build will be about a Desk PC. The work "Tsukue" is a Japanese word for Desk/Table. This sratch build was inspired by the creativity of integrating the pc into the desk as one. The Desk PC will be built from sratch and will be under a custom water cooling loop. Ok now, done with my short introduction, Now let's move into the components that will make up the scratch build. I will be utilizing stuffs that i have since i'd like to show the creativity of the scratch build, not merely on specs (But to be honest, its hard to afford new stuffs specially on computer parts). Components to be used: Intel i7-3770k Asus Maximus V Formula 4x4gb Crucial Balistix Tactical Tracer Plextor 512gb SSD WD 2TB Black EVGA GTX 680 4GB 256 Bit GDDR5 in SLI (this is not the FTW version) Seasonic 860 watts Platinum Power Supply Cooler master 120mm JetFlo Fans Watercooling components: EK cpu water block OEM Acrylic Tube Fittings EK 200ml Reservoir EK xtop DDC pump Still looking for the blocks of the GTX 680 (while looking need to focus on constructing the desk itself) Sketchup and 3D render from KeyShot will follow. Though im busy from work, ill do my best not to disappoint everything in providing the details on the build log. This will be it for now.