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  1. I gave my contact information to the email that you provided, but have not received an answer in over a week.
  2. I have a CM RC-690 Case that I purchased about 8 months ago and one of the two top USB slots did not work since the start. However, I was not about to pay $18 in return shipping to get 1 more USB slot. I just used the other slot instead. After a month or so an older Kingston flash drive I had stopped working. The computer does not even recognize it when you plug it in. I figured it was old and got a new 2GB flash drive. I even clicked on the safely remove device in Windows each time just in case. Another month passes and then this drive dies. I then purchased a 40GB external HDD that connects via USB. This then dies within a few weeks. I replaced it and now run a cord (USB male to female) from the back of the machine and have not had any problems with my other flash drives and USB devices. It seems likely that this case is somehow damaging the USB devices that are plugged into its sole working top USB connection. Is this possible? Can I test it? Or, can I get it replaced with out additional RMA costs? I feel like I have already payed quite a bit for this case considering all of the USB devices it has demolished...
  3. Hi, I have two CM PSU that I have recently tried with a new system I am building. Both PSUs seem to be giving less than 8V on the 12V rail according to speedfan. Did I really get 2/2 defective PSUs? Is there some way the motherboard can be affecting this? I have the latest edition of speedfan. Here are the system specs: E6750 Abit IP35-E GeFroce 6200 320GB SATA HDD DL DVD Burner PSUs: RP-550-PCAR (showing 7.3V) RP-500-PCAR (showing 7.7V) I have serious system instability and can not make it for 30 minutes in orthos at stock settings. edit: In the BIOS it is showing as 11.89 which should be speedfan is faulty somehow?