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  1. In a previous post I asked why I am getting power shut off after no more than 30-45 seconds. I swapped out the mainboard with another of the same model. This time I did the following: I added one component at a time, such as fans, etc., to see is something was tripping up the power supply. I added the LiteOn Sata optical drive and it spun up the CD that was placed in it. But as I tried to eject the disc the powersupply shut down and needed a minute or two to reset. Is this a power supply problem? (MSI M9 mobo, 1g ram, CPU fan, WD IDE hhd, liteon sata optical, that is it). Thanks, BKA
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    Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. I will check the fans for connectivity. I only have a CPU fan and a SATA burner in the box. I would think the 350W psu would be enough. BKA
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    I just started to build my first system using the following: MSI K9N6Gm AMD 3500 CAC-T05 case The system powers up but then within 5 to 90 seconds it will shut down. All connections seemd to be correct and non-essential connections (front audio, etc.) were unplugged. Do you think the PSU is faulty or the mainboard? Thanks. BKA