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  1. I just received an email saying my ticket was completed. but it was NOT completed. i still need help. I cannot login to check the status either. the site is still down. HOW CAN I GET HELP
  2. I have had a ticket open for weeks. i have commented multiple times. i still have not heard from anyone Ticket#00133861 can someone please help me. If someone could send me a list of troubleshooting tips to get the pumps argb to change any color from green i would appreciate it. do i need to RMA this unit? whats going on?
  3. its usually just air that is settling in the system. make sure the pump(cpu block) is NOT the highest point in the loop. you dont want air settling in the pump.
  4. open a ticket with them. my box was missing the entire (rgb cable pack). they sent it to me free of charge. but now i dont know how to actually get the argb to work. my asus motherboard doesnt work, the included controller doesnt work. and i opened a ticket about it back on dec 28th, they still havent responded?!!? maybe i should have stuck with the brand that sounds like coarse hair, lol.
  5. bubbling is just the air settling. mine does it too, but mine usually goes away after a minute. also, it is recommended that the highest point in your loop be the radiator. if its the pump, then air will rest in the pump. meaning it may not be circulating water properly (aka bubbling). if the rad is higher, the air should move to it.
  6. i have a ML120r, but the pump is stuck on green. i am not using the fans, but i did plug them in for testing, they were stuck on blue. i have tried with the controller, and by connecting the pumps argb header directly to my asus motherboard. neither works. i opened a ticket on 12/28/2018, but i have not heard back. can someone help me with the proper (DETAILED), steps to get this pump to be recognized by asus aura? or just get it to change a color, period? note, i have downloaded the lightningcontrol software as well, it shows there is an asus plugin, but its greyed out. other state that just opening the software along with asus aura works, but it didnt for me.
  7. i am in the same boat. i found another thread that says they still get aura to control their pumps/fans. they just open both lighting control and aura and it just kicks in. sadly i cant get aura to control my pumps rgb. i am not using the stock fans, so i have the fans argb header plugged directly into the argb header on my z390i. so far no luck with all kinds of different methods of trying to connect the aio to aura (with and without ext/splitters/controller)
  8. i have my pump rgb header plugged directly into the only argb header on my z390i strix board. i have my phanteks case plugged into the 4 pin rgb header on my board. can you explain the exact steps in windows to get it to work. i have opened both softwares, nothing happens. do i need to change settings in aura? how many led's did you put for the argb header setting. p.s. = i too am a Noctua fan boy. i hate the colors. but i have gone from the nf-f12/nf-s12a to the a12x15 to the a12x25. love the performance to sound ratio they provide. if you havent already look into the a12x25, if you can fit them they provide better cfm then f12s and better air flow then the s12a (best of both worlds)
  9. and then.... quick question. it seems like if i am plugging in just the pumps argb, i should be able to bypass the ext and splitter. and plug directly in? or at least bypass the ext as long as i plug the 4 pin splitter the correct way into the 3 pin argb header? anyways. to the good stuff... so what are the rest of the steps. i plugged it in exactly as you mention. i turn on the pc. open aura, open coooler lighting control and nothing. i tried opening them in opposite order. nothing. i tried going to "settings" then "addressable header" in aura software. all it shows is an option and then a box to put how many rgb lights are in the device (default is 120, i changed it to 12). not sure whats going on, but my pumps light will not change from solid greens. i wonder if there was a way to convert its 3 pin adapter to a 4 pin that fits phanteks splitters. i dont care for argb control, i just want regular rgb control to match my z390i, case and ram.