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  1. You say you are using a Thermaltake SATA cable with a Seasonic power supply? Every manufacturer, and in fact even different models within some manufacturers use different pinouts on their cables coming out of the power supply. I know even when I had to upgrade my system from a Coolermaster 750 Power supply to the 1000w that I got as an RMA replacement a couple of years back, the cables had different pinouts. If I had used the same SATA, Molex or other power connectors to go from the drive connectors to the power supply likely would have caught fire. Use only the cables that come with the power supply with that power supply. If I RMA a customer's power supply and even get one of the same brand and rating, just to be safe, I will re-run all the cables with the cables that come packaged with the power supply, or a proper replacement such as those from Cablemod.com to verify that the cable is the same as needed for my power supply.
  2. Both times my PSU died, I have had them on an isolated line, with surge protection at the breaker, and a APC 1500W ups with brown out protection. All alarms are turned on on the UPS including undervoltage, brown out, line failure, surge.
  3. August of last year (2015), Coolermaster decided that my M series power supply was in fact dead and exchanged it with a Vanguard V1000 PSU after many weeks of waiting. Well that power supply is now dead after 15 months, apparently replacing the PSU the first time has eaten what was left of the warranty because RMA is not finding a warranty on the PSU. After having two dead PSUs within the five years, I hope there is a way to rectify this.
  4. Ann, I have a similar board to yours and in my experience, they have made the whole process pretty forgiving. If something is capable of binning a component, it will be nearly impossible to plug the Molex style connectors into the sockets. Yes those two ends marked CPU do fit into my CPU 12V on the Motherboard (The "clippie things" together in the middle). If you look on the power supply legend you'll see the top two 8-pin sockets on the PS unit are for CPU, but you will only be utilizing one of them. The diagram is correct for the Video power as well, a 6 pin PCI-E power supply connector is plenty of power for an 8 pin video power connector. I'm not always on the forum here, but I'm checking out a product I have in for RMA and communicating with a couple of other people on problems, so I'll be in and checking a couple of times a day probably for the next few days if you have any other questions. Also, before you get to aggravated with this board, it is primarily a user to user forum. The moderators from Cooler Master to drop by on occasion but they don't always chime in. They do at times, other times they just kind of go lurking.
  5. I think I already know the answer, but after 30 years in IT, I have learned to never assume. I returned my CM Silent Pro M1000 Power supply to RMA for repair. They did such a good job of repairing it that it became a Vanguard 1000W. My question; Since I already have the cables run in the tower for the device power, all going back to where the power supply is, are the peripheral power cables the same between the Silent Pro M and the Vanguard series of power supplies? I know they are both the flat power cables made out of the ribbon cable.
  6. I'm sorry, but I really have to comment. Two+ weeks of that is due to shipping. You can't really blame Cooler Master for the speed of UPS or FedEx Ground. Did you talk to them about paying for a cross ship? I know that some companies if I notified them ahead of time, would ship out a replacement the same way I shipped it to them. i.e. If I called and told them I was shipping the item back UPS Red (Overnight 10AM delivery), They would ship my replacement back to me UPS Red. Although that would be expensive for a power supply, UPS Blue, or Brown 3 day wouldn't be nearly as bad and would have been significantly faster. speed is available, it just normally depends on how much you want to spend to get it. When I had my company, I used to carry a couple of top end business & redundant server power supplies in stock. RMA for both of them were about the same one month time frame. I had other companies that even two months would happen. And I was a VAR selling their product to end users, so I had the direct numbers, and could send things creating my own RMA number on their systems.
  7. I don't know if you tried calling Cooler Master directly, but this is usually a user to user forum. And although occasionally moderators from CM swing by to check in on us; they usually just drive by and don't always comment or read the posts. Especially in the Power Supply area. The Partner look-up on the International site shows an Acro Engineering as a distributor at the following address and phone; Acro Engineering C87 DDA Sheds , Okhla Industrial Area Phase -I,New Delhi Phone: 9871949398 , 9810908354 , 9871949399 If that is the same place you tried, or they are unwilling to help; try calling CM at the Corporate Number in Taiwan +886-2-2225-3517. I have no Idea who you would talk to there, guess you would just have to try to explain it to what ever secretary you get connected to.
  8. Although the HAF is discontinued, there are other well designed cases that Cooler Master makes that will fit that board. I built four or five systems over the years with different Cooler Master cases (Including for friends and family) and then I went and tried a number of other cases from other manufacturers. Well after seeing their build quality and customer support, I came back to Cooler Master.
  9. I will consider it. Any new upgrades will probably need to wait until I save up some.
  10. Been trying to get an RMA today, and the RMA page keeps telling me that the disk is full every time I hit submit. I have a CM Silent Pro M 1000W that is dead and I would like to get it resolved.
  11. Looks like a beautiful case. But as it stands I'd need one more 5.25" bay, I have three devices now. And unless it is price friendly enough for me to mod and add a bay on top...
  12. I know I would find a mid tower a little "tight". I currently have 3, 5.25 devices. with 4x120mm Scythe fans on the WC radiator (2 push, 2 pull) I have to keep my voltage based fan controller (5.25 FF) or else it sounds like a 747 400 on take off. Add my 2xBluRay-RW, my 4xHDD, 2SSD and yes I could see myself being cramped. One thing I would love to see on this (I built my own on my case) is a locking drawer with a USB port for a thumb drive. There are more and more apps where I want to have a Thumb drive for apps, upgrades, backup, statistical analysis, etc but I don't want the user to have access to it or a standard USB port on the front. a cap on the front, and one in a lockable drawer would be beautiful for data center control where you do not want people walking out with customer or other sensitive data. And it is easier than having to go into the Registry and turn on and off usb ports.
  13. To Coolermaster, All Employees, Designers, & Sales. I have learned my lesson. I usually bought the cheap cases early on in my building carrier and just cycled through them. Then I started getting concerned about case temperatures, noise, expandability, and I started looking for quality cases. I looked and Lian Li, but they were very expensive (especially at the time), Thermaltake had some interesting cases, and then they started designing for 12 year old kids that still drew machine guns on cars. So I ordered my first Coolermaster. I don't even remember which one it was, I didn't really even have a chance to build it. (it was one of the old full tower, kind of based off the old Chieftec design, that everyone had). My boss at the computer store saw mine and bought it for his project. And a month later we were carrying a couple of different Coolermasters from one of our suppliers. So I ordered a Stacker 810, and loved it so much that when I built my server, the 810 became the server case. and a Stacker 831 black became my desktop case, and I had it for years and loved it all the more at the end as I did it's beginning. and a cavalier for my home theatre PC. I had a very good friend that was doing his first build and wanted the 831 case, and I couldn't say no to him. So I pulled my components and gave him the case. I had gotten a Bitfenix Colossus in to review. and although it was a little "Flashy and gimmicky" it wasn't over the top, and it supported USB 3. and seemed a decent build quality. So I ordered a new Coolermaster 1000 Power supply, and CPU Cooler and put it in the Bitfenix. And the case and its idiosyncrasies (as they all do). But I have been trying for two years to get a windowed panel, the front hinges now are broken, and the USB ports are selective on the devices that they work with. Which I could all live with if I could talk to support and get these items cleared up on their flagship case. So now I find myself side lined by a back injury and saving up a new case. I don't know what it will be yet, except I know it will be a Coolermaster. Thanks for letting me vent, and for telling you about the quality and the enjoyment that I have always found with your cases. Respectfully, Andrew J. Faull
  14. What are the cooling efficiency of these fluids? Are they close to water, or do you need a bigger radiator or more powerfull pump? Also how do the three products compare in price and performance.