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    V10 in Cosmos S?

    I can confirm the v10 fits inside the cosmos S with the side fan. I have it mounted to an Asus Rampage II Extreme. Yes its extremely tight but it does close and works. YMMV
  2. fits in my cosmos s case with the door fully closed. Its very tight but it fits
  3. I take it all back after getting everything installed I am able to close the panel. its tight but it works. this is just a killer combo
  4. I have a 3.5 inch device I need to put in one of the drive bays. I need rails for it. Anywhere in the US to locate these for the Cosmos S
  5. what fans do you have on top? Looking for the quietest ones available
  6. Please make a revised side panel with the fan moved so this will all come together nicely PURTTY PLEASE
  7. Hey there. I am thinking of getting this unit for my cosmos S. I do have a question though. Can I use a different radiator like the Swiftech MCR320 instead. Is the pump and power of the Aquagate a good match with the Swiftech 320
  8. I have owned this for a week and the fan in the side case no longer works. Should I order a different brand. what is the quietest 120mm fan out there?
  9. ok getting mixed comments I drew this diagram best way to go?
  10. there are the choices I have for a triple rad that works with the cosmos S (sadly the swiftech doesnt) which one would you choose and why HWLabs BlackIce GT Stealth III HWLabs BlackIce GT Xtreme III HWLabs BlackIce Pro III HWLabs BlackIce GT Watercool HTSF 360 XSPC RS360 XSPC R120-T Aquacomputer Airplex Evo Aquacomputer Airplex Pro Alphacool NexXxoS Pro III Magicool Aluminium 360 Magicool Xtreme 360 Radiator Magicool Slim 360 Radiator
  11. ok so whats the consensus here. Rad inside case with fans on top or the other way around? MCR320-QP is the rad I am looking at 3 120mm fans
  12. awesome thanks for the help and keep them coming I am trying to determine is the rad mounted inside the case with fans on top or the other way around
  13. I have to say................I AM RIDICULOUSLY JEALOUS OF YOUR CASE AND WORK BRAVO want to come do the same to mine
  14. would someone who has watercooled their cosmos S be so kind to share pics. I am trying to determine the best set up and the equipment to use. Looking at putting three fans on top and the rad right below or I might do something external thanks