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  1. LOL... I'm not saying to ignore the past events... I'm saying you SHOULD learn from them so you don't repeat them in any way, shape, or form.... Most people learn from past mistakes and then KNOW not to repeat the bad... that's why it's in the past, and should be kept in the past, and not brought back into the present, other than for understanding that it is WRONG. In this day of age, since we know that stuff is wrong, NO one should even think about that crap anymore, at all!! So, why would you want to? Have you not learned or understand what the past teaches? Why continue it in any way, shape, or form? It's just not worth it! Promoting war themes is degrading. Have fun with your work anyway...
  2. Why build (promote) war (negative) themes???? It is NOT right... This world is trying to rid of that crap.... don't ya' know? pathetic really... Why would anyone want to even think about war... ? People that join government militaries are the ones causing the war!!! They all are the TRUE Crazy people.... Everyone should deny joining any military anywhere around the world... Think about it!!! If NO one joined or stayed in their "primitive minded" government's "gangs" then there would be NO one to fight for them.... Think about it!! Really, think about it!! Good will always RULE over bad, so why try to oppose GOOD???? bad will NEVER win, so stop trying. +RJ
  3. ya, those washers should do the trick... What type of system are your running? Gaming? General use? what kind of CPU & VideoCard(s) do you use? It's important to get a PSU that can support the current hardware. Here are some good ones to start... Antec, Enermax, Corsair, ABS Tagan, or PC Power & Cooling. Also, CM makes Real Power PROs that are good too. They all will run a little more expensive than those CM eXtremes, but will serve you better... OCZ is alright, but my last OCZ (GameXStream) fluctuated quite a bit... If you can afford near or over $110 for a PSU, do it, ...make sure it has Active PFC or is 80 Plus certified. Just remember, get one with MORE wattage than your system requires. Better safe, than to have a smoking PC! Hope all works out for ya'! -RJF-PC
  4. This has to work! Try getting 4 small, 1mm thick washers.... Place them under each screw hole in between the unit and grill... That should allow the fan grill to sit above the PSU unit a little more.. -RJF-PC
  5. Sounds like placing it in a different orientation could work... Some fans have a little give within the bearing area.... thus, when the PSU is upside down, the fan blades/axle shifts slightly due to gravity. Also, overtime, heat will expand / weaken materials, causing the plastic to become less viscous, which causes a droop. So turning it around should prevent the blade-grill collision... Also, what might work, try slightly bending the grill ends (where the screws go in) to a soft "Z" shape, so that the grill can sit above the fan blades a bit more... as shown in pic: Well, if you can't fix it yourself or replace it / RMA it, you'll have to spend over $75 on a new one anyway Besides, if a 600w PSU with NO active PFC only costs under $90 and is rated for only 70%+ efficiency ... it can't be that good of a PSU anyway tkl.hui, you should really go for a more efficient PSU with an Active PFC function. It will extend the life of your computer components. Also, the 80 PLUS Certified PSUs are good for saving energy, they are all over 80% efficient. -RJF-PC
  6. tkl.hui , view my other post (Try an X3 1kW) at: -RJF-PC
  7. :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: Sucks when parts make loud noises!! I have gone through so many PCs, and time over time had to fix parts myself... Many, many fans, & not to mention re-soldering back on SMT components the size of dust! If you need ( tkl.hui ), I will fix the PSU for you for a very small fee (paypal or money order). I have my own little PC shop and I have a +record on ebay: "rjf-pc". If not then, buy an Ultra X3 1kW, it's very quiet, affordable, and should do you good. I use an X3 with: + EVGA NF68-A1 OC'd FSB + QX6850 @3.7 + 2GB Dominator OC'd + 2 8800ULTRAs w/ GPU OC'd, MEM OC'd + X-Fi Audio + 10,000 RPM 150GB WD Raptor + 7,200 RPM 500GB WD Caviar + 7,200 RPM 320GB WD Caviar + 6 High speed 120mm Case Fans + 18w Liquid pump + 16 High power LEDs. I got this Eye-Candy RIG to push out 19,640 in 3DMark06. ... contact me: ( ) if you wanna see pics of the RIG... -RJF-PC
  8. Yup.. you'll have to paint the entire top... Is the top cover riveted to the chassis If NO, simply take it off and paint it! but, If YES... Mask sharply around top cover (leaving ONLY top cover exposed ), then just paint it with the same or nearest color... That would be the easiest way, IMO ... -- Remember to clean surface really well The scuffs really don't look too ugly... a close up Macro shot of em' in proper lighting would make em' stand out more
  9. Ultra X3 1000w sounds quiet enough to me... unless your talkin' over 1200w... ... but, I never used over 1000w...