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  1. It's been a few days... Maybe only people with problem PSUs post on this forum. Or maybe all eXtreme PSUs are noisy!
  2. Hi there, Based on the Cooler Master name and some reviews, I forked out for an eXtreme Power 600W to replace a blown PSU. Unfortunately, like many others (links below), the fan runs at top speed constantly. I use water cooling and so it's really obvious it's the noise source. I've tested the system with bare components (eg only the motherboard + gfx card powered) and there is no way the RPM of the fun changes at all. In most of the posts below, people seem to suggest it's a faulty unit, or that the PSU should be exchanged for another model (dodging the issue methinks). So I'm curious: Does anyone (non-coolermaster employee) have an eXtreme Power series PSU that actually does change it's fan speed based on load, or is this "intelligent fan speed" feature just a bogus sales pitch? ps: I really can't be bothered with a painful RMA process so I'll probably end up stripping the thing down and mod it to work with an external fan controller. if / when i get to this point, I'll post some JPG.