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  1. hi there im running: asus p4p800-x intel celeron D340 2.93ghz zalman cpu cooler WD 250G 7200 16mb 2G ddr ram ati powercolor x1650 512mb ddr2 2 12cm fans 2 optical drives(dvd writer,dvd rom) igreen 430w psu xp home sp2. this week i replaced my old no name brand psu that was giving me problem's(+12v rail was at +11.3v idle and inbetween +10.7v and +10.3v load). the other voltage readings remained stable at all times. with the igreen the +12v is +11.916 +11.855 idle and +11.795 +11.735 load. is this normal ? shouldnt it be around +12.2v ? the other reading are +4.945v,+3.216v and 1.36. (all readings come from asus probe) when pushing the power on button, sometimes it will power up for a second then nothing. the red light on the back of the psu will come on for a second as well. 2 or 3 try's later it will power up. sometimes it powers up first time. the psu's fan seem's to make a little noise sometimes too.(hard to describe) but it sound like the fan is a little loose when spinning or as if it touching something. really soft. thank you for your time Rob..