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  1. i bought the 750 pure power anyways for the 8pin connector, overclock here i come.
  2. Anyone give an opinion running the following with a cooler master extreme power 600? i have an amd x2 4200 radeon hd 2900pro 512mb 2 sticks of 1gb ddr 400 ram 1 sata hd 1 dvd burner I hear and read the radeon 2900pro is power hungry and will eventually blow up my enermax 420w. Right now it's working fine...but I don't want it to fry soon if that card is overworking it. I read the amp outputs on all the rails of my 420w enermax, and they are identical to the cooler master 600, yet the cooler master is 600w?? My enermax has 5 more ampson the 3v rail. I don't understand... Please help.