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  1. wow you got some skills dude!
  2. found a version for linux.. ran it on my server: Total calculation(I/O) time= 34.038(0.964) Sec.
  3. my laptop got a result of 1min 02 seconds.. you're not alone lazarus dark! unfortunately my desktop (pentium 4, prescott 3.2ghz) runs linux so i guess i cant run the test.. i have win xp installed on it too but i havent booted with it in months.. lol.
  4. nice work over there sry haven't been able to check up on the forum lately, since i've been away from home for a few weeks.
  5. wow nice cooler! hope it doesn't end up on the vga!
  6. i know that pin 39 of the ide drives is the activity wire, but for the sata it only has 3 ground wires, 2 sending and 2 receiving. there is another 4 pins on the side next to data cable, but i haven't been able to find any info about it
  7. most of the fans i have in my case are 2 wire fans. now.. i got an aerogate 2 for cheap and i'm trying to see if there is a way to do 'my own' 3 yellow cable. i remember seeing somewhere how the speed detection thing works, but i cant find it again.. if i'm correct you connect the +ve and -ve wires to some kind of component and you'll get the 3rd wire.. not sure tho..
  8. not neccesary.. i bet you if i used 2 120mm rads instead of 1, the temp will differ by 2-3c cuz, in my case, the water was cooled but still was like 35-36c since air temp in summer would be around 34-35c and the idle temp was like 46c. the cool thing about wc is that between idle and load temp there isn't much difference, + when the cpu returns to idle temp decrease instantly
  9. yeah, infact now that i've gone back to air cooling my cpu idles at 44c with 24c room temperature. not sure about the load temp, but last summer it went up to 65C during load
  10. what do you expect out of a prescott? i had a wc kit by another manufacter with one 120mm cu rad and it still hit 52c in summer (same cpu just 478)
  11. looks nice dude looking forward to see it completed
  12. hmm.. seems the only way to get a seperate acitivty led for the SATA drive is to use a sata controller (the pci ones) unless something comes up later on.. cuz i tried searchin on google for stuff like "activity led for sata drive" i didn't find anything releated to the actual drive but only controllers came up. i might do a 10 led activity meter for both drives (i.e. from the mainboard's 2 pin HDD led) unless there is a way to get an activity led directly from the hdd, which will be pretty crazy to solder directly to the pcb of the hdd. EDIT: for readers that want to do an activity LED for each hdd (IDE only) here's the link -
  13. only that i don't afford any LOL
  14. sure. i like this stuff, cheap to buy the components and kills time.