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  1. Hey guys as promised the final photos for Celtic Forge - Cooler Master Mastercase 5t! Again huge thanks to Cooler Master for the opportunity and Nvidia, Avexir, Primochill, and Swiftech for helping with the hardware and watercooling, without the joint effort it would not have been possible! I gotta say for a 6 day project I am extremely happy with how it turned out! 3 Thanks to everyone that checked out this build! Cyprus29 was just completed and the final photos will be going up on forums sometime next week!! Mod on!
  2. Awesome Brian! Cant wait to see the parts we were talking about! This is gonna be sick!
  3. Hey everyone! Been a while since posting a new log, but I recently had an amazing opportunity to do a mod for Cooler Masters suite at CES2017! Even as busy as I have been I couldn't pass on the offer. The time frame was extremely limited, I think after all the parts arrived I had about 5-6 days to build this that is why I am posting the log now even though the build is finished, I would of never had the time to do it while working. Even with the constraint on time, I still manage to pack this Mastercase 5t with some cool stuff so lets take a look shall we? The theme is something I always wanted to play around with, just creating a build with sacred geometry and patterned polygons through out. I believe its rather appealing to look at, and somewhat draws you in to keep looking. It is a rather open ended theme and can go many directions so I figured it was something I could use to make a mod in less than a week. So first off this would of never been possible without Cooler Master as well as the other companies who pitched in to help get this project done! Cooler Master - Mastercase 5t, v1000 Power Supply, and 6 Jetflow Fans. Nvidia - 2x EVGA GTX 960 Avexir - 16GB Blitz DDR4 Ram, and S100 SSD Primochill - Maxcord Paracord, Revolver SX Fittings, D5 Pump, D5 Pump Top and mount, PETG Tubing, and True White Opaque Coolant. Swiftech - Apogee X2 CPU Block, and Extreme Performance 360mm Radiator. Thank you all so much! So heading into the work, unboxed everything and started started installing to get a feel for it. (Originally planned on the Gaming M7 motherboard from MSI but the board ended up being DOA, so right before filling the loop I had to switch it out.) (I was also going to use 1 msi 960 before Nvidia got on board) Now into the modding we go! First was a quick paint job on the Primochill pump brackets. Then on the case I first peeled the foam off the front cover then CNC cut some patterns on the front backed with painted mod mesh for some enhanced front airflow for the radiator to be placed in the front of the case. The next mod was a magnetic power supply shroud made of laser cut acrylic for the front of the case. I used 1/8" red for the base and 1/16" black on top to fit flush right behind the tempered glass. The Top layer caps the magnets and allow them to be glued in place. After that I installed the radiator, and made a custom grill with 2 layers of laser cut acrylic glued together. Moving right along with the watercooling I made 2 of my favorite things to make, water manifolds! I went with the glued style this time because of time constraints and I didn't want to worry about possible o-ring leaks or anything. I pocketed out the base which was .5" acrylic, then laser cut a .125" cover plate, and a 1.25" trim to cover the glue bubbles. Then I sandwiched them all together with Weldon 4 and tapped the fitting holes. Next up was the graphics car back plate, combined into a gpu shroud, combined with a SSD mount and a d5 pump mount lol. Nvidia was able to spare 2 960s for the build, they happened to be the ITX cards. So I designed this shroud to fill out the case a bit more and incorporate the other hardware. Then I made some cable extensions and wire everything up! After cables came the tubing! Then it was time to fill er up!! One last thing before wrapping it up. I made a window skin for the back door panel. Since the tempered glass is very nice, I didn't want to remove it, and I didn't want to obstruct the front window, so on the back I made a magnetic skin to bring the theme all the way around the build. I laser cut acrylic, layered it, and embedded magnets just like the psu shroud. Then I built a matching show plaque, and crated it up for shipment! Here is a few pics from CES! That is it for this update! I hope you enjoyed it! It was so much fun and really pushed me to accomplish as much as I could in only 6 days! I am grateful for the opportunity a look forward to the next collaboration! Also expect to see some Mastercase accessories available soon on my website! I will be back with a final photo update in the next few days to a week! Also I will be doing Cyprus29 photos as well to be on the look out for that update also! Take care see ya in the next update!
  4. Hey guys I apologize for the delays, I just built a Co2 laser cutter and building it and calibrating it has taken a bit longer than I had expected. Its finally up and cutting now and I am starting to make products for my webstore. Once I have them all done Ill release the final photos of Cyprus 29 in conjunction with a 29% off sale on my site so stay tuned! Until then, here is final update 2 of 4. This update I have photos of the custom fan enclosures I made for my Cooler Master JetFlo fans. First off thanks to my sponsors for their generous support and patience! Here is a render I made in Autodesk Fusion 360, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to rendering, but that software is so awesome. You can model, mold, render, do toolpaths for CNC, direct export to 3d printers, and also, its free! First I had to remove some metal on the front panel and then paint it. Next up I cut the enclosures out on the cnc router. and glued up the frames. To guard the blades I needed to cut the acrylic bars to size and chamfer the corners on the mill. Then I removed the fans with their motors from their original enclosures and hitthe blades and bars with the copper paint Once the paint cured I glued everything up! Im happy with the result! That's all for this update, next up I will show you guys my wire management layout using aviation connectors that panel mount on the motherboard tray! The final update will be the water cooling install. Then the last thing will be the final photos!! I will roll these updates out quicker over the next week. Thanks for those who have followed this build since the beginning!
  5. Hey Everybody! Its been a long time coming on this one! Sorry for the long gap in updates, the build went back burner to client projects, then to the MSI Pro Mod, then more client projects. Eventually I made a stand to push for a completed build for Quakecon 2016 a few weeks ago. I had a 36 hour modding marathon up until hopping in the car for our 17 hour drive, and after the grueling delirious hour of work, the build didn't power up. Not only that many things were rushed and corners were cut. I tried fixing it in my hotel room but to no avail. The trip was not in vein though, Heath Coop (Tek by Design) and I competed as a team in the 24hr live mod at Quakecon and won first place with our Doom themed build. That was an awesome experience and I will be returning next year with a working Cyprus29 and also to spend the 3 days gaming and relaxing this time lol. I am almost done with the build now and have tons of photos to share with you all. Unfortunately Cyprus is on 15 or so forums, some only allowing 10 photos, so to make updating these forums a little more organized over the next couple weeks Im rolling out this update, plus 3 more, and then a final photos update to wrap this sucker up! To see the full photo sets from this update, and future updates, head over to my new website, Clockwerk Industries, where I will be hosting all my upcoming worklogs. Some forums do not like links to outside pages so you can just google it or check my social media accounts. I am also building a 1200mm by 900mm 100w Reci Co2 Laser next week and started a store on my website. The laser should also open the door to some sick stuff for my upcoming mods. I will also be doing a build log for the laser on my website, mod zoo, and CNCzone. Stay tuned for that one! Alright now that we caught up a bit lets start the update 1 of my final 4. Of course a huge huge thanks to the amazing and patient sponsors on this build! So I I wanted to run the copper bar theme throughout the build so I brought it to the front. I first cut a base for the mid section and top bezels. After that I cut .25" acrylic stock into bars and chamfered the corners on the mill. Next up is the copper paint! Finally I glued the bars on the bezels were finally finished! The top bezel has a hole pattern for mounting the top bezel reservoir which I will show in one of the coming updates. Thats all for this update! I wish I didnt have this build on so many forums I would have more photos in my posts. Well, until the next post, a huge thanks to everyone who has been following this build, I appreciate your support! See ya soon!
  6. Thanks!! I try to make sure everything gets a mod of some sort =D
  7. Alright guys! I can't believe how long its been since I updated my forums for this project. I was waiting and waiting to get time to edit a video but I just never was able to get to it, the build is far from dead and I am getting close to the final weeks until completion. If you have been following my work on social media you have seen this already. I have just been so buried in client work that 2 months ago many people know I left my job and started modding for clients full time, at first it was slow and I was very unorganized but now I have my schedule dialed in and the orders are picking up and things are going well! It was a tough choice but it was worth the pay cut now to be able to do what I love every day all day. Now I have time to work on my own builds and was also able to take on the responsibility of judging the MSI Pro Mod Season 3 which required a demo build from the judges. I still haven't had time to set aside for video editing, that is what I plan to work in to my routine next. For now I have a handful of pictures to share. I began the final assembly and final paint, I am working my way from the bottom up dialing in the final touches. The Checklist to Completion looks like this: {1} Top case front bezel reservoir mod - Like the one you will see in this update for the bottom case. {2} Liquid channel panel top case floor panel with I/O - It will serve as a channel panel with the IO build in. {3} Sleeve pump and SSDs with pass through holes through the bottom case midpanel. {4} The panel mount wiring for MB, CPU, and GPU atx cables. {5} Custom fan enclosures and painting. {6} Route and sleeve all loose LED and Fan wires. {7} Install the 1ft IO jumpers from MB and GPU to my own custom rear IO plate. {8} Install Copper tubing and fill the loop. There is not much left at all, about a total of 30 to 40 hours of labor I hope to finish by the end of this month. Well lets move on to the update I have. I am only going with 15 pictures because some forums this build is on are limited with the pictures per post for some reason. You can find more photos on my Facebook page for Clockwerk Computer Modification. I will post up another update next week, and then, then a final update the following week, with final photos a few days after that! Alright first thanks to my sponsors on this wild ride, their patience and their support is like none other, I was never once rushed or felt stressed, they have all been very supportive in my following my dream and never pressured me. Cheers to them. Without them this wouldn't of been possible! I will start form the ground up! First modding the Case Feet, I wanted to make them even bigger and beefier than they already were! So I added copper painted acrylic inserts! A trick I learned recently is decanning spray paint, you make an spout for your paint can and spray it in a jar or cup and then you can either thin it for the air brush or spray from a spray gun. Working my way up the case I made the mounting cut out for the power supply as well as a custom 3d printed 90 to add to my custom power jumper that will feed to the custom IO rear plate to my custom power cable I made. Lots of custom lol. Here is the 90 adapter. I am also building up the build with my new case cube model 3d printed with abs. It works just as well as the aluminum and I am using my build to show their capability. It will be available for sale at Overkill-PCs in the very near future! Here is the custom power cable I made, held together with custom copper cable combs made from 1/8" plate copper. And here is the bottom case basically complete, need to run wires for the pump and SSDs yet. I also made a new bezel design with a custom reservoir built in as well as running the copper bar theme like the sides and back of the case. Well in order to keep from complicating my other forum posts and double posting Im going to wrap this up here, I have time planned this week to get some major hours in on this build and push to wrap it up. I want to get the bottom case totally finished with wires and all, the front bezel on the top case, and the liquid channel panel, so the final update will be just wires and water tubing. The wire layout I have planned I haven't seen in a mod yet so I am really excited to show everyone! Thanks for watching and stay tuned its almost there!!
  8. Hey everyone just wanted to check in and let everyone know Cyprus is about to wrap up very soon here! Im officially going to be leaving my job to mod full time, Im so backed up with client work I can't keep up and that was my personal goal to get to before I made this move and its going to happen! August 14th is my last day of work and Clockwerk Computer Modification will be my full time job! Ill have so much more time to focus on videos for YouTube, and update projects regularly, and get my official website finally established and working! I also have an a big project coming upright after Cyprus29 Ill announce soon as its released of NDA. I hope to have another Cyprus29 update a week after I leave my job because Ill be on Cyprus for a few hours daily then. Client work during the day then have personal project time every day which im extremely excited for! Anyways I will talk to you all very soon I just wanted to fill you all in and thanks to everyone who has helped me and shown support, my hard work and dream is coming to fruition and I wouldnt be able to do what I am doing without the love and support! Cheers!!
  9. Title [Cyprus 29] CM Stacker : Update 3/1/15 : Rear Panel, RAM, MB! Update [x] Update 15 : March 1st : Rear Panel, MB and RAM Hey everyone! I apologize for the lengthy delay in updates! Clockwerk Case Mods has really picked up on client work and as someone trying to grow as a business I cannot turn away these jobs. One being a full case mod I am still plugging away on Cyprus29 every chance I get though. I am now basically done with the outside of the case and working on finishing up the components and dialing in the interior of the top case. I have new reservoir designs as well now that the CNC is in full swing. I will probably have one more update before my final update! Before I go any further I want to that the awesome companies supporting this project! Without you guys this would not be possible! You have all been so supportive and understanding! I am currently working on a new project watermark and converting it to the theme of the build I only have 3 out of the 6 done so far but I will hopefully have it done by next update. I also hope to have this build done in the coming weeks. First thing on my agenda was wrapping up the outside panels of the case. I have a few more little trim pieces to add to the bottom case as I changed the pattern on the top and ran out of them. I was waiting on getting to McMaster Carr to pick up more of the ¼†acrylic stock so I started on the interior of the case modding the last of the hardware. All that is left now is one GPU block. First I did the motherboard shroud then I did the memory. These components were pretty popular when I shared them on twitter I wasn’t expecting all the awesome feedback, but it sure is a motivating feeling! Here is a few shots to give you an idea of the layout! Now per usual here are the video updates I have on the progress I made! I hope you enjoy them! Next on my agenda is cutting a new motherboard tray on my CNC with wire mgmt. installed. I also have a new design for both my reservoirs. The top is a dual tube reservoir and the bottom is a channel style reservoir. I will have that in the next update which will hopefully be in only a couple weeks! I am luck to also have understanding clients and they know that his is an important project to me and I can take a little time to work on it. Here are the videos! The rear panel video. Motherboard and RAM. I want to thank you all again for tuning in to the build and I will be back soon to get this guy wrapped up!!
  10. Thanks! More on the way. This Fan Zone stuff is super difficult to log on to. Sorry for the super late response. Trying to keep up on videos, I also have a video for a client build Im doing for a Cooler Master HAF932. I could really use a plug to my youtube channel on some social media if anyone can help that would be awesome =D
  11. Hey everyone!! First off I want to apologize for such a long delay in updates here on the forums, it is not my style. I have been crazy busy with client work and I also had some trouble getting my videos edited from a guy who was gonna help me, in any event I am back editing myself and gonna get things done. One big thing that changed is I got a new job and I can no longer spend half my day on the computer browsing forums and editing videos. That really put a kink in my flow for documenting my modding. I'm going to do my best to continue with consistent updates, I have to dedicate about a full day to editing video and updating forums and that is an entire day of free time out of my workshop progressing. But it needs to be done. What I have today is bringing you up to speed on the case where I am, I have a handful of pics and a few videos! I finally dialed in the bezels which has been eating at me for months now, 2 other designs failed and the CNC came to the rescue. Then I made my door panels and replaced the top panel to match the font on the doors! I want to quickly thank my sponsors, you guys are seriously awesome, so supportive, and understanding. Now on with the work! Here is the new bezel design I finally ran with. Very happy with the outcome! The rear bezel will be completed when I get all the cables to extend to the motherboard and graphics I/O. I will then make a white acrylic panel custom with all the PC input and output connections. Now on with the door panels and top panel. Front door is engraved with Clockwerk Case Mods. The rear top panel is made to be a giant periodic table block for copper and the bottom panel is Cyprus29 the name of the build! I think it fits the theme well! =D It may not look like much but these 3 videos here would make up a few hundred photos =D I am continuing the same way as before where the videos represent all the work to make these completion photos. I hope you enjoy! Well that's all for now, I hope to have 2 more updates and then the final photos. My goal was to finish by the end of the year but I am not 100% sure I can make that happen. I am going to try my best though. For those wanting more frequent updates check my Clockwerk Case Mods facebook page, I post my daily work there! Thanks again see ya soon!
  12. Hey Buddy! Thanks! And yes my CNC can handle 44" by 24" right now until I mod it to accommodate the full 48x24. Thanks! They are getting popular so I will continue with them! =D I really could use some Cooler Master social media page moderates to plug my youtube channel if they can, it would be super helpful to bring some traffic my way and to the video log for this build.
  13. Darn! Shame on them! Just have to check it out when you get home! Or on your cell phone =D
  14. Hey everyone! I am truly sorry for such a long break between updates! I recently got a new job and my hours of operation changed and it totally knocked me off kilter. I had a week or so go by without being able to do any modding because of being so tired. although over the last week or so I got back going and full speed ahead! Excited to finish up this build and photo and video the whole process! Lets get on with it! thanks to my sponsors! You all are amazing and this build wouldnt be the same without you! In this update I have a mix of things to share, I tore down my Grey Matter HAF912 build to harvest the parts because unfortunately I don't have the funds otherwise. In the end Cyprus29 and Black Frost will both benefit greatly from this decision. After tearing down the rig, I build up my Primochill test bench to prep the OS, set up Raid0, and also test everything out so I could proceed with modding the motherboard. I picked up a Cooler Master HyperT4 from Microcenter to get render my videos in the mean time since Camtasia Studio 8 is CPU based and the stock cooler was overheating. Then I picked up my second EVGA 780 GTX GPU for the build! Perfect timing since the price drop! Then I got back into the shop and finished my top panel by adding a 22mm and 16mm white ring LED anti-vandal switches and a Primochill fillport. Then I added copper painted 1/4" acrylic square stock as trim around the top to match the extension area. So that where I am sitting, Im going to finish a side project tomorrow for Akira749's Xenomorph build then I am back to work on Cyprus! I also videoed the process of all my work and will continue to do so after all the positive feedback! I noticed not a lot of people do this and I think it brings a good look into my modding world! Basically the videos will cover all the work that I do and my photos will be more of a final shot of the parts. It is about 10 times the effort to film and edit videos of my work so I hope you all enjoy it! I listened to the viewers and shortened the videos and made a separate one for each thing I mod. Here are the 4 videos for the work I have done in photos! I have to link them separate because I can't embed a playlist :wallbash: until the next update, enjoy the videos and Mod on!!
  15. Hey guys back with another update, I have about 15 photos and another video update. After this update I will have a few shorter videos rather than one longer video and they will be in a play list, that way I will have more videos on youtube more frequently to view, and also I can group them into playlists. Also i would like to thank everyone who voted for Cyprus29 for Mod of the Month in July 2014, I appreciate it a lot, Im glad to see people noticed the hours and hours of work I have put in this project! Cheers to you guys! In this update I finished the corsair logos for my solid state drives, I made a new rear panel for the lower case, I also made and enclosure for my Swiftech MCP35x2 pump, and lastly I didnt photo it but I made a new IO panel with blades that fit inside the case First off thanks to my sponsors, with out you guys this project wouldn't be nearly as awesome! Okay first think is the new IO panel here is a couple shots Here is the new rear panel with the MNPCtech billet fan ring. Copper modded of course. I also added a different mesh, I used the larger holed MNPCtech mesh instead of the small hole version it comes with. Now the juicy stuff! Here is the Corsair SSDs I finished by adding acrylic cutouts of the sail logo. Last my favorite part of the update and maybe my favorite thing in the build so far, the custom enclosure for the Swiftech MCP35x2 pump. I wanted to do something I have never seen and a complete enclosure for the pump sounded like a great idea! Here are a few shots of the bottom case now as it sits. Now here is the video footage of the build process. As I said before the next update will either have a few videos embedded in or a video playlist embedded in. I want to try to get the videos at a 15 minute maximum. fgS9fw43nGs Well thats it for now, as I said please bare with me as I get adjusted to this video thing, I think its an awesome way to bring modding to you guys and I just need to get better at doing it, I pick up on things pretty quickly so it will get a lot smoother sooner than later! Until next time take care and mod on!
  16. Hey everyone!! Sorry for the delay in updates, even on my Facebook page its been slow the last couple weeks, I had a lot going on, I had client work, I also had to finish the CNC and get it tweaked and in working order. Now my workload has cleared, I got a new camera and I am back in action on this project! I also decided to start doing video logs for my builds! I recently got a Canon Rebel T5i and it takes amazing photos and videos, so I figured why not, more skills to add on my resume haha. I will start posting my forum updates as a mix of video and photo. Ill be taking 15 photos and embedding a youtube video. Im going to run with this and see how the response is for now. Anyhow, I hope everyone appreciates the time I took to film and edit the videos, I have a lot to learn yet, but I don't think I did all that bad for the first go at it. I am going to do more audio commentary and less invideo explanation as it tends to drag on the clock. Anyways on with the update! First and foremost as always, thanks to these awesome sponsors! you guys really exceeded my expectations and are helping to make an awesome build come to life, this would of been extremely difficult without your support! I got a few more items in from Mod/Smart and Primochill! Some more Maxcord paracord, and heatshrink, and a jig for bending rigid plastic tubing! This jig is insanely impressive! Way larger that I imagined it, and should work wonders here shortly when I start installing tubing! As I said before I had been super busy over the last few weeks, but I managed to get my bottom case reservoir finished, make a window to my PSU, trim my IO panel, and make a LED lit solid state panel. I used my CNC to cut out these little rhombus shapes, and painted them copper, to give a blade effect on the IO panel. when the MB is modded white and copper it will all blend together very well I think! I also slapped some paint on the bottom reservoir and it ended up just as nice as the top res, they should look pretty sweet paired up in this rig! I got a new bottom case mesh also from a friend Shane on facebook, and fixed my bottom bezel up. The last thing I did was get the SSD mounting panel made. I just have to cut out my Corsair sails on the CNC, paint them copper, and glue them on the SSDs. Thats all for the photos, here is my first video update! I hope you liked the update! Cheers guys see ya soon!
  17. thanks buddy! I really like your final photos on demon speeding man good job!
  18. Thanks Fann! Oh man I am working with the CNC every day! I cant wait to become proficient with it!