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  1. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Clean Slate

    Thanks Warren! It was the most fun I've had doing this hobby and I hope it shows that. There are a lot of great projects in this year's contest and I'm both proud and humbled to be among them. Good luck to all!
  2. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Final Submissions Open!

    I submitted 800 x 600 intentionally. I thought people might like to know exactly why they were having so much trouble. That's all. In past years 800 x 600 was the max resolution. Good luck!
  3. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Final Submissions Open!

    What? You mean to quote someone else?
  4. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Final Submissions Open!

    My submission worked but I sent small 800 x 600 photos. I'm guessing that sending large photos at the 5MB size limit isn't working out real well.
  5. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Final Submissions Open!

    I wouldn't assume anything. It would be nice to know which one of the slots is the main photo. All of my photos are "full build" photos and I don't want them to decide which is best. Good luck! I want to know which upload slot is for the main photo and if it will be cropped to a square to fit your gallery?
  6. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Scratch Build: Rey's Speeder

    Looking awesome Brian. What material are you carving up for the seat?
  7. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Final Submissions Open!

    Hey Drew. How do you know which photo ends up being the main photo?
  8. Jeffrey Stephenson

    The "Woobox"

    Great project! I love the layered wood look. What kind of finish are you using on the wood?
  9. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Maker Theater: The small things (SUBMITTED)

    Great project. Love the detail. Good to hear that you are going to finish on time.
  10. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Clean Slate

    Thanks! You have a great project going on. Very creative.
  11. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Clean Slate

    Final Photos:
  12. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Clean Slate

    Matching black I/O
  13. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Clean Slate

    Specifications: Skylake i3-6320 CPU H110 Micro-ATX motherboard GTX 960 4GB video card Air cooled CPU heatsink w/ detached fan 8GB DDR4 system memory 1TB SSD 350W SFX power supply The contest qualifying product. A Cooler Master Blade Master 92 shown installed.
  14. Jeffrey Stephenson

    Just Wood (is done!)

    Looks like it was a fun project to work on. Great job Evgen.