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  1. HI. But its not possible to get the pins of the cooler. And I think it would much more difficuilt to get the pins back with new cooler. Is anywhere on the web one explanation therefor? Thanks
  2. I would like to change the fan from the device module STB-3T4-E3-GP. Is it posible to take of the fan from the device module and install the other one (with 2000 rpm)? Thanks
  3. How do you open the front door of the stacker 832? I must always pull the door on the bottom. Its made pretty stupid for one high-tech case such ST 832...
  4. For me Stacker 832 looks much better and has more professional look. What you think?
  5. I get yesterday (after only 2 weeks waiting) the 2 missing cables per post from CM, from Robby (CM support from Nederland). Thank you very much. It is one very good support. Goran
  6. OK I sent now the email to the CM support and tomorrow I will send the fax to the support too. I'm curious how long will I wait for the answear and for the cables. Thanks
  7. Hi. Where I can contact CM-tech. support? Its not a question if Im a hard overclocker or not. I just will to have everything what should be in the box. I did pay for it. And the 8-pin PCI-E cables are very important for me. And if I will connect one or two 8800GT or ATI 3870 cards? Do I need then the 8-pin PCI-E cables? Thanks
  8. I bought today the CM Real Power M850 modular PSU in Serbia and it looks realy very nice and powerfull. But I didnt get the 8-pin PCI-E cables. In the box should be two 8-pin PCI-E cables. I saw here that many other people have the same problem. Its very bad reference for CM if you ask me. It cost so much money here (220 Euro) and I didnt get all nececery cables. So CM-Support what can I do now? Write one email to your "support" and wait 1 year long or what? I need the cables now while I must connect my new Radeon 2900 card. Im still CM-Fan and Im waiting for the help.... Thanks
  9. Hey mates. I bought today the CM M850 PSU. It looks crazy. But I didnt get the 8-pin PCI-e cables. In the box should be two 8-pin PCI-e cables. Many other people has the same problem. Its not from CM while I will buy one Highend graphic card and I need 8-pin PCI-e connectors. What can I do??
  10. I saw the both drives and I like more the look of the CoolDrive 5. I just would like to know which drive is better for cooling of the raptor 150 HD? Thanks
  11. Hi. I must cool 2 WD Raptor 150 HDs. Which Cooling device from CM is better for the cooling, the CoolDrive 5 or the CoolDrive 6? Thanks
  12. Which PSU is better, Real Power M850 Modular or Real Power Pro 850? Thanks
  13. Hi CM Fanatics. What is your expirience with CM-850 Modular PSU? Is there any better PSU on the market for the money? Thanks
  14. Thanks mates. The 850-modular is very expencive but I will buy it. Its one greate PSU. Can I find on the market one better PSU for the money?
  15. teslax

    STacker 832

    Thanks Knudd for the answer. The Alu HD-cage will also be available on CM online store or? Is it possible to order on the CM Online store from Serbia too?? Thanks and kind regards from Serbia