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  1. Yeah i know, i did, but then uploaded the wrong ones. And I can't edit my post. Sorry guys (and gals)
  2. sorry, they were supposed to be the smaller pictures, but there not, only realised after i did it, and now i cant edit it like some forums!
  3. [Edit]Sorry but your pictures are to big to be viewed at 800x600. Can you please resize them so they can be enjoyed by everyone.
  4. Its harder than it looks, there isn't that much room, it would be easy if i didn't have the cross flow fan. I've already routed some of the cables behind. I've got so much stuff in it though.
  5. Thats the Asus Star ice, got my LGA 775 down to 33*C.
  6. This is my stacker, almost complete, have just sound proofed yesterday. Tell me what ya think. Got a carbon look for the front aswell. Specs are as follows CM stacker Thermaltake 480 butterfly psu MSI Neo2 Platinum motherboard Corsair 512 Ram, Dual channel DDR2 3.2GHz LGA 775 Asus Star Ice CPU heatsink PCI Express Nvidia 5900 Asus 250 Zip Floppy drive Musketeer Cooldrive 4 NEC 3500 DVD-RW Sound proofed TV card 2x 40gig hard drive 80gig hard drive 200gig hard drive heres the link for the pictures, there quite big: Cheers
  7. There just stickers. Quite hard to cut them around the devices though.
  8. Not really, i've found that changing the speed of the fan doesn't make a lot of difference. I've got the cpu down to 35 degrees now. It doesn't wistle. At half speeds it quite and the performance is only about 1-2 degrees behind full speed.
  9. Ive just a 3.2 lga775, used a asus star ice cooler, and have got the cpu down to 37 degrees, its 41 degrees now, and i'm running a couple of programs, and the fan is at half speed, amazing thing.
  10. i brought some from a few days ago, its brilliant stuff. truely amazing
  11. yeah, it should definately fit. because the pins have a safety design on them you can still plug it in, and only plug it in one way. You just end up with 4 extra pins.
  12. i've ordered some more parts for it, to make it look neater, and some more carbon film for around the psu to make it look cool.
  13. yeah, the bottom one is a zip drive, i cant imagine anyone having 2 floppy drives
  14. any idea how i would hide the cables and ccfl? haven't got a great deal of space, any ideas overklock?
  15. sorted the pics now, the military switches are uv and blue neon switches. Once the red cover is open, there is a toggle switch with an led on the end. When the switch is put ON, the toggle lights up and the neon inside. The switches cost £10 each!!!
  16. Nearly finished, just got a new cpu cooler to get, got the side panel today, been waiting ages for it in the UK Please leave feedback.
  17. maylander739

    Stacker Window

    No worries, I was waiting ages, really annoyed me, because it makes the case look so much better. I'm impressed with to get it before everyone else.
  18. maylander739

    Stacker Window

    got mine in the post today, was well chuffed, suppose you want to know where i got it from..... .. .. .. here is the link ... 17837&cat= there in stock at moment MINT!!
  19. tell me what ya think
  20. I try and buy mostly CM stuff, but I can't help it when the UK is one of the last places to get CM products, the CM stacker window has "just" come out over here. I know I'll be waiting a long time for the Cm heatsinks. I probably will buy one when they come here, but at the moment my CPU is running hot and a need a temp heatsink.