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  1. Well its not really the PSu that wont fit its just don't have enough room because of the GEm II which overlaps into the area..that the psu uses..But thanks for your..answer i do appreciate it..
  2. I got a Generic Apower 450Wat powersupply'
  3. That case looks nice can you buy them with a c through side it hard to make one your self.. MY case i have now is 18x8x16... and dost fit my power supply in.. i have the Gem II which takes up loads of room..and the case u showed me is 20.7X8.4X19 you think i would have enough clearance to fit my power supply back in? -Thanks
  4. Hello, Ive been looking around on the CM website and i know alot of you mod your cases.Im not relally looking to mod but a good case with good airflow i was looking at the ANtec 900 but its a little out of my price range right now..anyone know anything with better airflow..and a decent size? any Recommendation is welcome im lost in trying to pick one out..Im looking for one that will fit the huge GemII specs Room temps 70 in the summer 90'+ e6600 Heatsink GemII XFX 8600Gts OCZ DRR2 250GB harddrive thanks
  5. Ya,But could you? it seems that it would be better if it used a backplate. i could be wrong lol, very often i am. Thanks for your reply.
  6. Hello, just curious if anyone knows where to find a Back plate for socket775..For the GemII,if been looking around cant seem to find one..? would it be easier just to make my own with a piece of plastic..and metal..and drill 4 wholes? Thanks
  7. Thanks for your help Ive gotten it down to 40C in Tat.under load it still sky Rocket.much better than where it was sitting. though..ill keep playing around with it..i have a feeling some of its due to the compact size of my old case' got my case at 27C though thought that was pretty good.O well thanks again
  8. thanks for your reply. I did a bb' size drop in the middle and let the the heatsink spread it out. ill try loosing the screws up the 4 small dots better than the one bb sized dot? -Thanks
  9. I get the GemII and now i sitt at higher temps than before..Now i sitt in TAt 50C idle ,before i was at 48. and in speed fan i sit. 35-36-38,
  10. I was wondering if you tryd this yet. im about to Tinker with my r80 mini. and add just a resivior.. did ur set up work?
  11. Hey, thanks for your replay...I was think of molding the R80 mini to have a Resivor Tank which might give me a few degrees diffrence...Since its almost 2 years old..i used it on a different possessor and when i upgraded.. i just swapped it in.. I dont know if the pump is strong enough but hey its worth the shot to tinker with it i guess... Anyways..whats a good High end air..cooler for this cpu? Thanks for your Answer it.
  12. Thanks for the Replay My temps in bios are about same as in speed fan 35-39C, you think im better off going with a high end air cooler than? i didn't know that the R80 mini couldn't handle the cpu. is there' one that you might recommend for this Processor? -Thanks again for the Replay
  13. Hello Everyone, I was looking around and noticed that noone has tryd this? I want to put a reservoir on my R80 mini...and wondering if it can be done? My mini is about 2 years warranty issues is not a if anyone has tryd it howd it go/ it worth the time and effort? -Thanks
  14. Hello Everyone, Well ive been playing with my custom built Desktop for sometime now and cant seem to get my Temps down.. I'm running 50C in Tat. and 39-40 in Speed Fan .. i know i can go up to 85C before throttle' .. you think i should be worried about these temps or no..? These temps seem to me a little high but i could be wrong. I recently switched to a Mini R80 from my stock cooler that came with my chip' seems to me im running the same temps on both. I have Reset and Repasted several times...and the temps don't seem to change..MY Side panel is off with 2 house fans blowing into the case. My sett up is: e6600 2.4 Ghz duo Core cooled by a Mini R80 2Gb DDR2 OCZ High Preformance I know my Pump is working because i felt it..and its vibrating. I have the Fan on the radiator at full speed. Ambient Temp' Is 80F - 70F Speed Fan Tat Cpu-32c 52c Cpu2-35 c 53c O well what you guys think?