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  1. Any idea where to get this stuff (link)? I was thinking i should just need enough to line the edges of the two side fans, but if it comes in large sheets, i might as well line the whole side pannel.
  2. Well – I got the psu and uber-fans installed (using 5x Sunon 120mm 3100rpm 90cfm) – still no computing components in the case, but I have it set up to install once I know what I’m putting in it. The fans on the top and back of the case are acceptably quiet even at 100% capacity – just the windy roar I was expecting – I’m guessing this is because of the solid frame they are attached to. I can stand behind the case and feel a very refreshing breeze blowing in my face – fun stuff. Oddly, however, the two I mounted on the side panel produced a loud high-pitched humming/whining sound that was pretty intolerable – maybe because of vibrations thru the thin side-panel, or maybe because they were scraping on the side-panel somehow. I used my fan-controller to throttle those two down to around 25% and now the noise overall is generally acceptable. Does anyone know where to get some good rubber washers or padding that will lower the noise on these further? Probably just need to take a trip to the local hardware store… I am continuing to be shocked at the sheer volume of the cords coming out of the RP-Pro1000 – they don’t fit behind the mb tray – right now I have most of them bundled together and stuck in the bottom of the hd bay area. You were definitely right about there not being enough space in this case for enough devices to use all these plugs. Still it’s nice to know I’ve got plenty of headroom for expansion if I ever decided to go overboard on raid/sli/etc…
  3. Thanks for the info – this looks extremely helpful, but having a little trouble following you - sadly, they don't make tube-shaped pc's, at least not that i've seen so the air-flow gets a little more complicated... First off, let me get out of the way that I seem to be the only freak on the face of the earth that likes a noisy pc, so assume noise isn’t an issue. If my pc cranks out a brisk 100db I’ll be a happy camper – just means I get to play my speakers louder to drown it out! Ok – to get the rest straight – you’re saying adding too many intake fans is a really bad idea, ‘cause the out fans just get backed up and the air doesn’t end up going anywhere? Makes sense. I’m planning on using some extremely powerful exhaust fans on the top and back to pull the air through, and tho it looks like I’m ending up with way too many intake fans, I’m planning on using a controller to run them at low speeds to make sure I don’t have too much intake. Are you saying that adding fans on the side panel is a bad idea? Best case scenario – assuming all noise is negligible – what would be the best airflow possible for the 690? I'd appreciate configuration lists...
  4. Yea - I'm familiar with fractions in online writing the slash is sometimes meant to be read as an "or" tho, so at first glance it can be confusing... nm. I already had trouble with my 7950 shutting down my machine in games because of an unstable/underpowered 500w unit, so I guess my philosophy on power is "better safe than sorry." As for cooling, I'm loading this case out with another 5 90cfm 120mm fans just because I can. I already put the 3 low-powered fans that came with the case into the front and bottom positions for intake, so I'll have 3 big ones for exhaust at the top and back, and another 2 blowing on the cpu and gpu (using a controller to throttle those two down if needed). Should be noisy as **** (the way i like it ), but I don't think i'll have to worry about hdd cooling. And while we're on the topic of air-flow overkill - do you know of any way to measure the air pressure inside a case to make sure i have the in/out flow reasonably balanced? Or is that generally not an issue?
  5. Possibly a good idea! I may have to try both orientations for the psu and see which one runs cooler. The trend lately seems to be to isolate the psu's air-flow from the rest of the case - I just took it on good faith that this was a better solution - guess it's worth a shot to find out for sure. Hehe - not quite sure what that last sentence is asking - I'm just mostly trying to make sure the system is future-proof, in case I need to power something along the lines of multiple 8800ultra's etc sometime next year if the hardware and drivers ever make it benificial to do so. I don't think anyone is using 2/3kw psu's yet - I'm pretty sure the electrical system in my house wouldn't even handle that - it'll be enough of a strain with this 1kw monster. edit - lol... sorry again - did you mean two-thirds kw or two-to-three kw's? I'm using a 650w psu now to power my single 7950, so maybe i'm just a sucker for overkill
  6. I'm considering pairing these two together, and just thought I'd check to make sure everything is completely compatible. Has anyone tried these two together? My only two main concerns are: How well does the bottom fan line up with the grate on the bottom of the case? And, are all the cables long enough to reach the top corners of the case without issue? (sata power for top 5.25" bay, fans on top of case, or if main mb connector is at the top etc)
  7. Hey - slightly unrelated question, but this looked like the best place to post it. I'm considering the ammo for my build next month (X38, Q9650, G92, etc - whohoo) because I go to allot of lan-parties, and the portable format looks really awesome. just want to make sure I get the cooling as icy as possible (just air-cooling, not looking for portable liquid solution ). I'm planning on ordering some really beefy 120mm 90cfm fans for the front and back, but I’m a little concerned about the graphics cooling. So the question is: how hard would it be to mount another 120mm fan to the inside-end of the HD bay blowing directly onto the pci-slot area? Are there screw-holes already there that would fit? How much room is there between the drive cage and a large gpu (say, the size of an 8800gtx)? With a 90cfm fan in the front, would this solution actually be more cooling-efficient, or should I look into putting an exhaust on the outside grill beside the pci area rather than adding another intake? btw - noise is not an issue - I seem to be the only person on the face of the earth that prefers my pc to produce a gentle roar when it's running, so I’m not above adding another 2 fans, for a total of 4. mostly just wanting to know how hard they would be to install (I assume drilling voids warranties). EDIT: ha! nm... just found other thread that says GTX+ size cards don't fit in the ammo case at all... also just discovered the RC-690, and i'm thinking i'll probably go with that one. i'll have to look into adding my own handle, i guess...