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  1. Nice, I was previously planning on using white led Xigmatek fans with the case but considering the R4's quiet performance I'm leaning towards them instead. Now CM just has to make transparent white led versions similar to the Xigmatek's: ^Larger: Theirs only do about ~60cfm max, so the unique looks comes at a compromise. Now I have to decide on which LED color scheme I want... I've done a blue lit Stacker 830SE and a red lit HAF 932 before which is pretty generic, so I'm thinking a green lit Scout would be a nice change. I sold my first blue lit Stacker to a mate and a lot of others have blue lit black Antec and Thermaltake cases, one has some green LED fans in a Centurion (mine would be a bit more excessive then that) whilst I'm the only one I know in person with a red lit case (but that's because I'm the only one with a recent CM case ). I've never seen a white LED lit case or a nice silver case in person so they seem more special, might just wait for another future rig to do that.
  2. Impeding a bit of airflow is worth preventing the extra dust build up and avoiding having to regularly take the case outside and spray clean it. Very fine dust will still get through most filters but it'll take a lot longer to become remotely noticeable than whole clumps of dust. I got sick of my HAF 932 being quickly caked in dust so I replaced the top and side 230's with 7 filtered 120's then put black gaffer tape around them where the excess vents are. There's a space between the bottom front of the case and the front fan where you can easily place low density foam to filter that as well. Anyway a black HAF would be sweet, I'm personally considering the Storm Scout for my next case because it'd be a :) of a lot easier to carry.
  3. Oh right, somewhat misleading product descriptions on the retail sites then. Still sounds like a good cfm:dba ratio to me.
  4. Thanks for the response. Good point, I figure most 14cm fans are just meant to push the average amount of air (~60cfm) with less noise. If I really wanted some hardcore 12cm cooling (whatever the noise) I'd probably go with these: "120mm x 38mm, spins at 5500RPM and moves 252.85CFM at 66.5dBA" Although those CM fans are 90CFM at only 19dBA, which is an impressive ratio IMO. Scythe Ultra does 133.60CFM at 45.90dBA (3000rpm).
  5. Hi, I am searching for the CPU cooler depth clearance on the Storm Scout case. One particular cooler I am considering is the Xigmatek Thor's Hammer cooler which is 160mm deep (the V8 cooler is apparently 161mm deep), pictured below: The depth I'm talking about is also called height, depending on whether the case/cooler is horizontal or vertical. Basically the distance between the CPU socket and the side of the case. From the case photos I can see that there is a tiny bit of extra clearance in the side window frame, particularly with no top side window fan mounted. I was thinking of mounting a 140mm fan in the bottom side fan slot (with 120mm adapter) and leaving the top side fan slot empty. So if anyone has measured the clearance or has tried a tower cooler in the case please let me know. Thanks.
  6. My 830 came with the front USB ports disconnected, had to remove the panel and connect them manually myself. It's pretty frustrating to have to pull the case apart and connect the USB ports yourself after paying $300 AUD for it.
  7. The case comes with a top fan bracket installed (it's prepared), all you need to do is push a 120mm fan into the bracket (no tools required).
  8. Thanks for replying. Do you know of anywhere I could get that in/shipped to Australia? That European shop doesn't seem to ship here.
  9. I was wondering if the Stacker 830SE package actually contains a front fan bracket/holder above the 3-4 HDD module for an optional front intake fan. It's not specified in the Stacker comparison chart and not mentioned in most reviews yet i've read elsewhere that such an accessory is included. It would be good to know because I could save about $35 AUD by not needing to buy a Scythe drive bay fan enclosure. I presume it would be mounted in the 3 middle drive bays behind the covers and would hold a 120mm fan. The front middle of the 830SE would be an ideal spot for an intake fan because it would directly suck air through the front door mesh unlike the HDD fan which is somewhat blocked off by the non-meshed bottom of the door. I know the 832 door was redesigned to take more air through the bottom section of the door directly to the HDD fan but I like the look of the mesh on the 830 better and in Australia the 3rd generation 830SE is cheaper and more available then any 832.
  10. Snazz

    Cross-Flow Fan and 832

    Is that mounted on the fan bracket or motherboard? Usually 8800's are only as long as the motherboard, the crossflow fan can be mounted on the motherboard tray on the 830SE, 831SE and 832SE: So it should be able to mount next to the motherboard unless the graphics card is longer then the motherboard itself.
  11. I agree with all the suggestions. I think they're apart so you can install 2 140mm fans.
  12. Are the fan connectors 4 pin molex? If so they should connect with your power supply molex cables. All the Cosmos reviews i've read say that the fans connect to the power supply not the motherboard so they should be 4 pin molex instead of 3 pin.
  13. I'm wondering what the difference is between CoolDrive Lite and CoolDrive 3 apart from their appearance. On local computer store websites the CD Lite version is upto $20 more expencive then CD 3 when I thought traditionally 'Lite' products were lighter and or cheaper versions of other products.