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  1. i'm not using a monitor yet, all i'm doing is plugging the tower into the wall and seeing if it turns on at all. and i get nothing at ALL. and i don't have any spare wire laying around my house, so i can't do the test. what about the SATA cables im missing? would that still prevent it from booting at all?
  2. the thing is, i got the computer from a guy who took the PSU out of it, so i bought my own. and i can't get back into contact w/him. He said it was a dual core proc. and a flip switch, or something like that. and it only has 512mb and a 128mb of PC2100 in it. oh, and i think he swiped the SATA (i think that's right) cables beforehand. the ones i think that plug into the components, that wouldn't be stopping it from powering would it? and it has a PCX 256mb video card in it. and a huge fan that's a pain in the :) to get out, it's the Blue Orb II
  3. im not really sure if i want to try shorting it out, i'd prolly screw something up.. so do yah think the board and PSU are compatible? I just grabbed what seemed to be the best deal, i figured they'd pretty much all work the same.
  4. anything at all?? idk if i should get a new type of powersupply or I got a dud?
  5. This is my prob. I plugged it all into my board (pretty sure i got it all) and i get absolutely nothing at all when i try powering it up, ive tried several different plugs that i know work in my house, and ill made sure the switch is on 110. so please help. my Power Supply - ... 6817171018 my board - ... pk=ip%2b95 any advice would help allot! ty!