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  1. tantric

    ACQUA C700P

    here's a quick teaser on the custom cover. it actually turned out better than i expected
  2. tantric

    ACQUA C700P

    some details on the wiring
  3. tantric

    ACQUA C700P

    this custom piece was based on the EK logo. i will be using this a custom cover for the mobo tray. i decided to use this instead of using a plain design to hide all the wires. looking good already.
  4. tantric

    ACQUA C700P

    more custom acrylic bits and pieces. this will serve more as aesthetic and detailing pieces.
  5. tantric

    ACQUA C700P

    started doing the layout for the custom acrylic pieces
  6. tantric

    ACQUA C700P

    some more EK waterblocks goodness
  7. tantric

    ACQUA C700P

    testing a custom made gpu support for build. shiny 14mm chrome tubings.