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  1. let me start by doing a quick preview of the case i'll be using. Coolermaster Mastercase PRO 3 some of the components. ASUS Maximus VIII Gene and Avexir BLITZ Series DDR 4 got these awesome stuffs from thermaltake to help out with the build. thanks again for the support -Thermaltake PACIFIC Hard tube bending kit custom made rog "SLI Bridge" playing around with the SSD Setting up the parts inside the case. This will be tight : ) thanks to the awesome guys at thermaltake for supplying the coolant for this build. you guys rock :clap: it took me almost 2 hours to finish filling and bleeding the loop because there was no physical reservoir in the loop. damn! but here's the end result.
  2. Hello Coolermaster Fans! I've been chosen as one of the lucky participants for a local modding invitational contest, Battlemods 2016 Sponsored by Coolermaster Philippines. I'll be battling it out together with the top local modders here in the PH, Jessie Palacio (JP Modified), Mickee Boy Lacerna (MADmods) and DJ Obiarco Madrid (Kryptek PCmods) First of all let me thank all the sponsors, Coolermaster, Intel, ASUS, Thermaltake and Plextor for supporting my project. Wish me luck! bit-clap.gifbit-clap.gifbit-clap.gif salvaje / salbahe Tagalog[edit]. Adjective[edit]. salbahe. naughty · mischievous · bad.
  3. tantric


    those are heatkiller gpu blocks.
  4. tantric


    thanks bro!
  5. tantric


    more custom modding work
  6. tantric


    some parts for the build... modded coolermaster eisberg. customizing the watercooling loop. got some new rams to match the theme
  7. tantric


    Time to start modding, my initial plans for this case is to do a 90 degree motherboard layout, to be able to do this I had to take apart the entire chassis. Because of the modular design of the master case 5. It was quite easy to remove all the other bits and pieces like the hdd cages and ssd drive mounts. With those out of the way it's now time to remove the entire motherboard tray. ta
  8. tantric


    Hello CoolerMaster fans! I just want to share may newest project. Using CoolerMaster's Master Case 5. This project is called VENOM. The master case 5 unboxing...