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  1. Just a quick pic, just set it up this week.
  2. Max load temp on my OC'd A64 is 37c using this cooling system.
  3. Just about any GPU block with 1/4 inch fittings will work with the Aquagate. Now the question is will the unit handle the extra heat load if you're already running a hot OC'd CPU. That's a pretty small radiator in there.
  4. And here's how you apply Arctic Silver 5.
  5. Clean u the inside and you'll be all set................... They need to have a post your cooling system thread here so everyone can post and compare systems......................
  6. Very nice mod, looks like very good craftmanship.........
  7. This is from a thermal engineer friend of mine that designes computer water cooling systems. In one simple word, cavitation is happening. Webster's definition: cavitation: the process of cavitating: as a : the formation of partial vacuums in a liquid by a swiftly moving solid body (as a propeller) or by high-intensity sound waves. "The suction side of the impeller goes below the vapor pressure of the liquid. Therefore it creates vapor bubbles, but then the vapor bubbles collapse before leaving the pump as the pressure increases. Thus, the noise. As the person applies pressure to the rear of the pump, it slows down the impeller along with the pressure and the noise goes away. The pump can be regulated with a rheostat to control the flow pressure rather than putting pressure at the rear of the pump which in turn causes extreme wear on the shaft and bearings."
  8. Lightly tapping on the different parts helps the bubbles along a bit in low flow systems. My system is pretty high flow and it bleeds its self in a few minutes.
  9. There's several that aren't ................. doesn't matter as long as they are good quality
  10. I really like the quality of my Centurion 5. It's put together much better than any of the other steal cases I've had. Only proble I have with the case is the PSU, it's way under powered for any serious OC'ing........ But for a standard system it would be more than enough I guess. CM should offer a PSU option with the case.
  11. That's about all I can see also, but you never know............ I've got CAC-T05-UWA (silver & black) without sidewindow. So it's hard to say what the differance is............
  12. Bio-Hazard

    Aquagate & FX-53?

    Acording to the specs it will work on all the K8 sockets: "Application AMD K7 (socket 462), K8 (socket 754/939/940) and Intel P4 (socket 478) " Easiest way to do a leak test is to connect all the tubes and wires according to the instructions. Disconnect the ATX power connector from the MoBo and put a jumper wire between the green wire and one of the black wires. This lets you power up the cooling system without powering up the computer. Note: make sure you turn on the PSU with the switch on the PSU if it has one........................
  13. I'd recomend calling Cooler Master tech support. U.S.A. Cooler Master USA, Inc. C.A. Office: 1951 S PARCO AV.UNIT A ONTARIO,CA 91761 Phone: +1-909-673-9880 Fax : +1-909-673-9882 or 9883 Email: Product Review:
  14. Here's something I found on the case here: The back panel of the ATC-620-SX1. There are four standard-height expansion slots; four slots is all you get on microATX boards. There's one standard-size motherboard connector block cutout with a default ATX port-hole template installed in it; motherboards with differently arranged connector blocks come with snap-in templates to match. There's a hole for an ATX PSU. And there's a ventilation panel with a pre-installed 60mm diameter, 25mm thick exhaust fan.
  15. That does suck not having anything close. Sort or makes you have to build your own..................