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  1. You should be able to move one of the led wires to the middle slot of the 3-slot connector, then put it on the mobo. If it doesn't work, swap the wires over.
  2. LoooooooooooL - Off Topic AND completely useless. Out of 14 cases listed in "Middle Towers" the only case with a 80mm fan is the damn old Centurion 5, all others have 120mm. Next time check the facts before posting nonsense. Oh, and the Praetorian Series is dead for quite some time. It wasn't off topic, the original poster was debating on better cooling cases versus the better looking case that had worse cooling, the second poster agreed with the worse cooling part. Nor did he post anything factually incorrect. Don't jump on others whilst making yourself look dumb.
  3. He does say the picture isn't of his pc. Search for Gemini on here, you're not the only one with high temps with this cooler.
  4. Personally, I rate the Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro, it's not a Coolermaster product but it fits and is good. The overall dimensions are 107 x 96.5 x 126.5 mm. I use the socket 775 version Freezer 7 Pro. Incidentally, what is the depth of those fan filters? I realise they are 120mm ones I'm guessing from Performance-pcs again, but the actual depth of them is the measurement I need, is it more than 4mm? I can't help with the Zalman question.
  5. Personally, I like to use a cooler thats designed to move air over it's heatsink in the direction of airflow through the case, if you want a Coolermaster product, I'd use something like the Hyper TX2.
  6. When you change something as integral to cooling as the case, unless it has the same cooling principles as your existing case, you will need to change how you cool your components. In one of your pictures you have fans running in all 3 axes, the resulting airflow must be all over the place. I recently changed around the internals in my case (on a Stacker through-flow front to back principle) and changed to a cpu cooler that works like Esa described. The resulting airflow straight through the case dropped my temperatures to 20°C for the CPU and 30°C for the motherboard. It also enabled me to remove the fan cooling my graphics card and switch to passive cooling at the same temps for the GPU as before I switched. My pc is cooler and quieter. Bottom line, change your CPU cooler and have a look to see if your remaining fans are complimenting or fighting each other.
  7. I can't find these for sale anywhere, are they for sale yet? Preferably UK.