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  1. 25-35 degrees c. around there. not too hot..i have 2 3000rpm fans blowing at the rad so its ok
  2. i changed that. now i have the radiator to the 4-3 module and the fan at the front blowing in. instead the other way around. i didnt take any pictures while doing that but im getting my 2 8800 water cooled soon so when i redo the setup ill take some shots for ya
  3. no problems. make sure u have room so u can slide the 4-3module back abit.
  4. mounted my radiator at the front of the 4-3 module
  5. heres my rig. nothing special. just finished installing my dtek fuzion block. im gonna tidy up the cables soon though. awesome block. anyone with a quadcore should get this block. i dropped temperatures dramatically. cores are on idle at 25-30degrees and max load is 35-40.
  6. hey anyone here have a cm stacker 830 evo and done a watercooling setup. i just ordered me a d-tek fuzion block and a MCR-220 "Quiet Power" Series Radiator. anyone have any ideas where to mount?
  7. oh ok thanks for that. didnt think it would apply to the gpu as well.
  8. i use 3dmark06 and ppl with similar setups are gettin more points. im sure power has something to do with fps cuz ive had a similar problem way back when i was using a 7950gx2 with a 420w antec psu and i wasnt getting enough power. then i bought a silverstone 850zues and frames went up by 20. ill go and get me a voltage meter soon. and with the 80+ sign. on the coolermaster website has the 80+ sign next to the psu. my one doesnt have it on the box or the actual psu. just worried maybe im not getting enough amps to my cards
  9. oh and also my m1000 doesnt have a 80plus sign on the box or on the psu anywhere.. is that a problem? and with just one card. im getting a gpu vcc reading of 3.26
  10. im getting better fps in games running the 1 8800gtx then 2. ive tried monitoring the gpu vcc while playing a game and it doesnt seem to get any higher. i ran oblivion in windowed mode and the gpu vcc seems to drop even lower. arent the pci-e rails dedicated on the m1000?
  11. hey. my sli performance isnt really doing so well. im using a cm m1000w psu and im certain the gpu vcc should be at 3.3v. im currently getting 3.2. can any of u guys tell me if im under voltage.. ill paste some pics of my system specs below