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  1. Hi, is the Intel D2700MUD motherboard compatible with the Atom custom heatpipes kit (ECC-00614-01-GP) and the official PSU (ECD-22001-N1-GP)? Also, instead of an optical drive i'd like to install an internal SD card reader + 2 USB ports in the slimline slot, do you know if such product exist?
  2. I cant remember buying this but somehow down the line I bought and installed a cooler master in my HP A6152N q6600 processor. Is it possible to increase the fan speed with some program? Also if you have an open case with a fan blowing air into it, could the air from the fan slow down the fans inside the case if they are both aligned the same way?
  3. I have a Cooler Master Silent Pro M700, and I'd like to know if someone runs without problems an UPS with simulated sine wave. I read around the web that certain PSU models, also with active pfc, works good with simulated sine wave. Please post your experiences about. I'm willing to buy an UPS ATLANTIS ONE POWER 1501 - 1500 VA / 900 W, that has a simulated sine wave. Thank you.
  4. ok, i think i might be chickening out, Ive not over clocked any intel cpus above a Pentium3. (Ive only over clocked AMD's really) At what temperature does the TEC activate on the V10? I managed to max my CPU at 91C
  5. i am using a rampage 3 extreme motherboard, and there is no CPU safety Temperature setting (that i can find) my PSU is a Antec 1200 Watt power supply, (with inline capacitors) the v10 has been connected to both a modular and non-modular cable on the psu. and my PC is only using around 500W of power. is there any way to test the cooler other than burning my CPU? (the cooler has NEVER made a sound, if that helps)
  6. I recently purchased a Refurbished V10 Cooler from the online store, and connected it to my I7 930 and overclocked to 4ghz, however when i try to overclock past 4Ghz my PC soon reaches 75-80C and shuts down. There is no difference in the temperature when the V10 is connected to my 1200w psu or not. Please can someone help. Idle temps (with real temp are) 0: 46C 1: 45C 2: 47C 3: 41C Motherboard says temp is 37C prime95 load temps are: 0: 76C 1: 76C 2: 75C 3: 69C Motherboard says temp is 66C sorry for using a open account, my account hasn't been activated yet (account will be RaptorAM2)
  7. Awesome, thanks. I did a search in this subforum and found nothing.:/
  8. How do I remove the plastic toolless drive mounts? I prefer to mount drives with screws to reduce vibration. I installed a new drive earlier and had to use the plastic clips on one side, and now the drive is making a lot of noise due to excess vibration. Yes I know you can use screws on both sides even with the plastic clips installed, but I don't have a thin enough screw driver to fit through the tiny holes provided in the plastic.
  9. When are these fan filters will be released?
  10. In the UK, does the V8 Come with an AMD Socket 939 Bracket? If it does not, is there any way i could get a 939 bracket, preferably for free? If not, is there a good alternative cooler that supports 939 out of the box? cheers! p.s. this cooler looks SOOO cool! well done CM!
  11. My warranty is expired, this computer is about 1.5 years old I'm trying to find the exact fan because I don't want to purchase the wrong one, i want a drop in replacement, no fuss no muss I can't afford any down time. Is there an online image gallery with all of coolermaster's fans so I can figure out the exact model I have?
  12. My CPU fan is about to fail on me and I can't figure out which coolermaster fan it is or which fan I can use as a replacement. All it says is coolermaster on it and 12v I have an HP m7680n Media Center PC with core2duo 65nm 2.13GHz Please help!