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  1. Well, before I go through RMA, let me check if it could be my fault instead of the PSU. The heatsink I'm using is a Zalman 9700, this one is quite big and it's sitting just underneath the PSU. The fan of the PSU is pointing down so a priori it may be taking hot air out of the heatsink straight into the PSU. Could it change if I just put the fan up? I doubt this is the case cause I tested running the system quite hot from a cold boot (booting and then running prime factorizations for quite a while) and the "noise" didn't change at all (I can't measure RPMs on this fan). Should I apply anyways for RMA or should I unplug everything and change the fan up? R. EDIT: wait a second, I just read some threads in the RMA subforums (I probably should move this whole one there) and from those examples I guess that I have to have my system down until I get the PSU fixed? this sounds kind of ridiculous, but anyways, is this how RMA works?
  2. It seems to be running at 100% all the time, well, actually, it's running at the same noise level all the time, I guess it's running at the same speed all the time and (hopefully) it's 100%. Is it supposed to control the speed based on load/temps? there's no mobo connector on this PSU, so I assumed that the fan would spin a constant rate... If it's supposed to be changing speeds based on temps (I guess internal to the PSU) then I may have a faulty one. R. EDIT: as for my system temps: I doubt they're "hot" as it's most of the time around 35-33 C
  3. Hi there, I've installed a rig with about 7 chassis fans, and the only one I can hear loud and clear is the PSU fan. Is there any recomendations/how-to's to change the PSU fan? can I just use any 120mm case fan? (I realize the PSU fan seems to be a bit bigger though). P.