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  1. I only tried both molex cables so that was only +12v5 and last night I wa planning to do a jump start without any load on it but I figured it woudn't be to great without anything connected. I'm currently out so I won't be able to try for another 3 hours and I'll post an update then. I also did read another thread where some one asked if he was connected to a UPS that could cause the problem which I'm also connected to one so I'll have to try it directly to the wall. But I still think now after reading the manual again I just overloaded that one rail but we will see. *****Ok heres the update***** Breakdown to 12v rails from the manual: Motherboard 20+4pin 12v1 CPU 8pin 12v1 and 12v2 CPU 4pin 12v2 PCI-e 8pin Yellow/Blue stripe 12v3 PCI-e 6pin Yellow/Blue stripe 12v3 PCI-e 8pin Yellow/Green stripe 12v4 PCI-e 6pin Yellow/Green stripe 12v4 PCI-e 6pin Yellow/Red stripe 12v5 PCI-e 6pin Yellow/White stripe 12v6 SATA Connectors 12v6 Peripheral 4-pin (molex) 12v5 Floppy connector 12v5 I started out with the bare minimum, 24pin and 8pin to mobo and video card to the yellow/blue stripe which is 12v3 and the pump was the only other thing connected. I booted up and tested the voltages on all but 12v1 and 12v2 they came out between 12.29v and 12.32v. Next I started plugging in more of the fans and such starting with the front Digital Doc +2 fans, the Lianli fan controller +2 fans and the X-Fi card. Thats one set of wires plugged in and it boots up fine, voltages are the same. I follow that up by plugging in the rheobus +4 fans, and maxtor hdd, boots up fine voltages same. I add in the last two 120mm fans and the dvd-rw then its a no go, the rig freaks out and I shut it down. I turned off the 4 fans connected to the rheobus and I was able to boot up fine and after I can turn on the fans, voltages drop to 12.28v on 12v5. I shut it down and try again with the fans on and it freaks out again. So now with it off I turn all 4 fans off again but the rheobus is still connected, I add in the 2 WD hard drives I got on the SATA cable which make note that it's on the 12v6 rail. I turn it on and it freaks out, I shut it down totally remove the rheobus from the connection and it boots up fine, I can also do the opposite by leaving the rheobus connected and removing the Lianli fan controller to have a normal boot up but with everything connected and even if the fans are set to off before turning on the rig it freaks out. So what do you think? I think I might need to do a RMA and hope this was just a lemon.
  2. You know, I knew someone would come buy and not really help. If you were at my house and saw what the multimeter told me, you would be confused too because I tried the multimeter on my Antec and it read the 12v and 5v fine but not on the CM. I only have one 60mm delta connected and even then its running at half speed only to keep the Digital pwm cool on the mobo the rest are just generic 80mm led fans I got a few years ago from svc.com and two 120mm yateloons for the rad. I haven't tried the PSU on any other computer, I'll see if I have time tomorrow to just dump it back on my rig with bare items and see if the multimeter will give a number again. As for spending the 30 minutes I was cleaning out the dust and wouldn't you also expect swapping out a 550watt to a 1000watt shouldn't be a problem? I think really the reason I took so long organizing is the the CM psu is a bit longer and theres a ton more wires I needed to try to roll up and hide while the Antec is pretty bare and I was able to swap it back in within 5 minutes.
  3. Hey guys, I made a thread a two weeks about the warranty on the box compared to the website here http://forum.coolermaster.com/viewtopic.php?t=7396 and today I decided to put in the PSU into my current rig to see how it would run. After spending 30 minutes or so organizing the wires I turned on the rig and it couldn't supply enough power to my rig. My rig consists of: DFI Lanparty NF590 AMD X2 Brisbane 4400+ oc 2.9Ghz @ 1.485v Crucial Ballistix PC8500 ~1160 @ 2.0v 1900XT 512Mb SB X-Fi Elite Pro NEC2510A DL dvd-rw RAID 0 2x Western Digital WD2500YD (250Gb) SATA2 Maxtor 250Gb storage IDE Swiftech MCP655 pump Sunbeam Rheobus -> 3x 80mm led fans , 1x 60mm delta Lianli front fan controller ->2x 80mm led fans Digital Doc 5 temp/voltage monitors -> 2x 80mm standard fans Yateloon 2x 120mm standard fans Previous PSU Antec TP2-550EPS12V Yeah there is a lot of fans but I don't run them at max speed anymore, but with that all plugged in the PSU just couldn't boot it up. Unplugging the Rheobus or turning it off first and unplugging the Lianli fan controller the rig will boot up fine and load into Windows no problem. I also have a multimeter so I decided to give that a shot and checking the 12v and 5v lines the multimeter gave a zero on both. Orthos even failed when I tried to check the voltages. Somethings wrong here since my Antec PSU powers up my rig no problem with full Orthos blend mode for 24+ hours and the multimeter reads the 12v and 5v with no problem. The Antec PSU only has 2 +12v rails with a max load of 19a each, +3.3v with a max of 32a and the +5v has a max of 40amps. This Coolermaster shouldn't have had any problems powering up my rig since the output specs are about the same as the Antec if anything should be better at it. Oh here is the breakdown on how I have my fans and such connected on both the Antec and CM PSU. +12v1 -> dvd-rw, maxtor hdd, 2x 120mm, Rheobus w/ 3x 80mm, 1x 60mm +12v2 -> Swiftech MCP655 pump, Digital Doc 5 w/ 2x 80mm fans, Lianli front fan controller w/ 2x 80mm fans 1900XT PCI-E (no idea which rail the PCI-E connector shares on the Antec). WD HDD on single SATA connectors (no idea which rail the SATA power is shared on the Antec either). Another thing I never saw before on my 1900XT is right next to the PCI-E connector, there are two SMT LEDS and with the CM installed a red light would go on then go away a few seconds later while with the Antec that never happens. I went through all 4 PCI-E connectors on the CM and it had the same results. Maybe I am overloading on the CM but the Antec runs it fine but then the multimeter doesn't read the voltages at all on the CM. Lets see what you guys think, I'm thinking and hoping its a bad PSU. Thanks *Update* I took a look at the manual again and it shows that the peripheral 4-pin connectors all share the same +12v5 rail which I guess I am overloading it. Guess I'll have to save this PSU for a future rig with less fans, dissapointing.