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  1. Before this thread gets totally hijacked can anyone recommend a nice mobo that actually works with the top audio panel connectors?
  2. Thanks grump - would be much appreciated. I've still had no word from CM UK!!!
  3. Has no-one else had this problem at all?
  4. Hi guys, I hope you can help me! Recently received my new Wavemaster case, and it's just great. However I'm having some problems with the audio top-panel connection. The wiring has only four-pins to the motherboard audio, unfortunately this doesn't include the return signal pins - and without these my nforce2 motherboard won't route audio to the rear panel, and therefore my speakers are dead. (the audio to the top panel, my headphones, is working fine - and I've tried an alternative panel/cable config that includes a full 10-pin block and everything works, just the PCB doesn't fit the top-panel) Has anyone else overcome this problem, or know if you can get an alternative board/cable that fits the top-panel connections? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've been waiting a week for a response from Coolermaster UK. Cheers, D.