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  1. ..and yes, when people patronise I really do get quite offended
  2. Thanks for the flame? As your friend mentioned I am asked to give my own options on the cases I review, meaning if I see something as being negative I place it in the negative section of the review. As for the spelling errors, I'm happy to say most of them are in the features section which is normally taken directly from the designers website. To be honest the CMStacker is extremely hard to fault, but as I need to negative points - even petty ones, then thats what I need to do. If the CMStacker included cable management or something similar then it would not have had a negative of that type. I'm not quite sure if you are trying to be a helpful critic or an a**hole, or a combination of both. Please clarify that for me. And no, I did not mean "syntax". I meant the "vocabulary" used in the creation of the document. Not everyone has time to chase case designers around asking them questions that clearly should be included in the case documentation. ..I hope your not this unwelcoming to other people new to your forums, otherwise I can see you causing quite a few flamewars - not everyone is as level headed as myself.
  3. Sorted! I just made a image, hehe. The link is if any of you are interested in entering, should be a link on the front page soon.
  4. Hey again, I'm running a competition on Case.Closed for a blue CMStacker with the cross flow fan included, etc. Do any of you know where I could aquire a decent photo of the blue one? I cannot open the box as obviously it is the prize so I'm a little stumped. Regards,
  5. As opposed to emailing the offical people, I'll just shove this in. As mentioned before if you want to link the review to the product page then just drop me a PM as we recently designed our review logo (two days ago, hehe)
  6. Glad you like it, if you want a icon to link the actual reviews to the cases just give me a email.
  7. I aim to please, hope you enjoy the reviews - Coolermaster make some quality gear.
  8. Thought you guys might be interested in a couple of CM reviews up on Case.Closed ( I've reviewed the CMStacker and the Wavemaster, both scored well. I noticed the wavemaster was kinda devoid of any review links so I hope these help! Craig 'CitrusC' Jessup Case.Closed Reviewer |