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  1. Just received the replacement. Still have few noticeable scratches on the top. Better, but still suffers many cosmetic defects. I really rather see scratches on side panel because they are removable. However, scratches only appears on non-removable area which is kind of annoying. Coolermaster really needs a better QC.
  2. ok will do, UPS already picked up the package. Amazon is sending me a replacement, should be here by Monday.
  3. I just received Storm Trooper today, purchased from Amazon. The case delivered to me in 1 day. I was excited because there's no damage on the box. But after opening the box, I see styrofoams are completely busted. I immediately checked for dents, so far no serious dent in non-replaceable area but there are some noticeable chipped paint on the edges. Are the screw holes on both side panels suppose to be dented? They are dented pretty bad, caused by over tight screws. Is there a touch-up paint for chipped paint? Or should I exchange it for another one?
  4. I received the case but very disappointed. The box was damaged by FedEx during shipment, therefore, the case is damaged on the side panel. The front bay meshes are very loose, very cheaply made compared to the cases i've owned (cm stacker, lian-li, silverstone), there's also a burn marks on the left front cover. I had to return it, and I'm not going to get a replacement due to poor quality built(the whole case, regardless of the damages caused by fedex). cm stacker has much much better quality compared to cosmos series. too bad CM Stacker 832 no longer available in US. I guess Lian-Li is the only case I would go for.
  5. Sounds like updated version to me. The updated version has magnet doors according to neverXmiss and RaQin. Anyway, thanks for the heads up. Mine is arriving tomorrow, I hope I'll like it.
  6. Thanks for the info! I ordered from since it's cheaper than anywhere I find with free 2nd day shipping(Amazon Prime). Can someone tell me how to check if it's revision version?
  7. Has anyone bought one from recently? I don't want to get one from because they charge CA tax which is $20 on top of the cost. I wonder if Amazon is carrying revised version of Cosmos S. There's a 5 stars review but that was 3 1/2 months ago, which I believed at that time the revised version was not released yet.
  8. Do the side panels and drive bay grills also suffer flimsy and loose feel that many has reported? I was going to get the Cosmos S, but I checked out Cosmos 1000 @ Fry's and found the drive bay front grills are so flimsy and loose, then some people said S version's quality isn't as high as 1000's... There are such problems, are they fixed in revision?
  9. I 100% agree on the cons you've given. I must also add that the front door panel scratched the bezel because the rubber isn't thick enough and the rest of the silver bezels except the side panel are made out of cheap plastic. The power buttons sometimes stuck when pushed. Concept is excellent, but the quality is far worse than I've expected. IMO, CM Stack 830-832 are much better quality than Cosmos. I would suggest everyone to wait for the next improved Cosmos case. I'm going to return this case....