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  1. Hi all I finally took the plunge and went ahead and bought the CM Realpower pro 850 W, despite the many bad customer reviews on the 'Net. After reading on the Forums that the ones with the "80 PLUS" stickers were fine, I went ahead and bought one which had the required stickers. I uninstalled my old Coolermaster iGreen power 500 W and installed the new one all by myself. I then kept my fingers crossed while booting up for the first time and I'm extremely glad (and relieved) to report that everything is going fine (Touch wood !). There are a couple of points to note. One, the red light comes on as soon as the Mains are switched on and it turns green as soon as the PC starts booting. Two, and more important, is that contrary to the reviews on the 'Net, the 12V3 and 12V4 rails have peak currents of 28 amperes and not 18 amperes !!! Very good, as two of the four PCI-e connectors are running exclusively on the 12V3 and 12V4 rails. I, of course attached one of these two PCI-e coonectors to my present gfx card, ATI Radeon 1900XTX. Next month, when I get hold of the 8800GTX , I will use the PCI-e connectors running on the 12V3 and 12V4 rails!! The other PCI-e connectors will remain unused , at least for sometime, as I'm not too impressed by the benefits of SLI. I had to take this chance,as in my part of the world (India) the only two reputable PSU companies available are the Antec and the Coolermaster and I had a bad experience with Antec some time ago. cheerio shrapnel
  2. Hi By "safe" I mean to ask whether I will have any of the "cold boot" problems that others have had ? Also, one more question. Does the UPS capacity have anything to do with the PSU capacity ? For example, do I need to upgrade my 500VA APC UPS before I upgrade to the Realpower pro 850W ? Thanx shrapnel
  3. Hi I may decide to buy the realpower pro 850w PSU with the 80+ sticker. Is it safe to do so? Anyone having probs with the above-mentioned PSU ? Thanx shrapnel
  4. Hi Thank You !! You just saved me a ton of money as I was thinking that I would have to upgrade to the CM Realpower pro 850W b4 I could think about buying the 8800 GTX ! Regards shrapnel
  5. Hi all I'm thinking of upgrading my gfx card from an ATI 1900XTX to 8800GTX. At present, my Coolermaster iGreen power 500 W is running my 1900XTX with no problems. Will it also do for a single 8800GTX ? Thanx