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  1. About one out of every 10 to 15 boots my computer won't boot up - it just stops just before you would normally see the Windows Vista loading bar and I get an error message asking me to go to the last known good configuration, I try that and the same thing pops up again all the while I'am clearly hearing a strange "ticking" sound coming from my computer. I press the comp start button more than 4 seconds and it shuts off, wait a few minutes, hit it again, and the comp boots up normally - no ticking and no error message. Doesnt happen all that often but it happens. Any ideas? I bought this in aug 07 with the Stacker 830 evo deal and it has been doing this randomly since the day I bought it. Over the course of the year I have replaced every single component of my PC - except the power supply UPS (old cyberpower cps1250 vintage 2002 but batteries have been replaced). Could that be causing it? The UPS has been subject to several lightning strikes (the last in 2006 with my old comp) but it still works good when the power is cut. Suggestions please.
  2. I would place it in the position where the screw holes line up. The fan works in either direction, up or down
  3. You can put it in any way you want. The stacker 830 was designed that way. Personally I have the fan part facing toward the main processor
  4. On my RS-A00-EMBA 1000w the light on the back of the power supply stays red when the conputer is turned off and green when it is running. Hope this helps
  5. I would have advised you to get the 1000w version, the RS A00 Emba because Rails 3 and 4 have 28 amps available on each on them (these are the pci express rails) compared to 18 on the 850 w power supply
  6. It's quite difficult. First off you have to remove all your drives in the 5.25 inch drive bays ( the 4 hard drive box can stay ) Lay down on your back with a flashlight facing up into the undersides of the USB/1394 area. You should see 2 screws on the left and right side of it facing upside down. Take them out. There might be 2 more screws on the outside along the silver aluminum flaps at the top also. It might take some wriggling (be gentle), but the box should drop down. In my case I found both the USB and the 1394 wires had become disconnected probably durng shipping. Its a real pain to do, took me more than 2 hours
  7. I ordered the stacker 830 evolution and RS A00 EMBA combo from newegg and while I got the instruction manual for the case, I got nothing for the power supply - no manual and no bottle opener !! Is there any way I can obtain these items?