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  1. I ordered same setup. With a top case fan blowing hot air, and the PSU fan also blowing up, will that defeat the purpose?
  2. Ultra 120 tech emailed me back on my question, and answer was that the fan should be on the same side as the memory, blowing towards the exhast at the back of the case. Good plan I guess, as you say, it pulls the cold air over the ram, through the heatsink, and out the back.
  3. I loaded a Ultra 120 in my stacker last night. It does fit, but you will have to take out the fan holder in the door for the one fan. Good thing is, the other 3 door fans can fit as normal. I am now trying to figure the best fan configuration though. I have 1 fan intake in the door, blowing towards the video cards. I have 1 intake fan in the front blowing on the Sata Drives, I have the rear fan blowing exhaust from the case, and the top fan also blowing as exhaust. The 120 MM Fan on the Ultra 120 is so close to the rear exhaust fan if I face it that direction there is like a 4 inch gap between the fans, if that. Facing it the other direction would blow it directly over the ram, but wouldnt that be blowing hot air on the ram? not sure what the best case would be. Browsing the web, for pictures of the 120 on a Striker Extreme MOBO show it in both positions, so not sure what is best.
  4. I went ahead and RMA'd it with NewEgg as they wanted it before I opened it, so not sure if it would have done the trick or not. Did end up getting the 1k Cooler Master, so should have no worries now. Now I have my system built, with the CM Stacker and ready to go once I get the power supply. What an easy case to work with. I know this is for another area of the forum, but I just love the case. Only thing I couldnt figure was where to put the CM Stackers audio and mic jacks, as I am not using Intel Audio, but rather a creative X-fi. I guess best thing was just to tuck that cable away and not use the jacks. The Thermalright cooler BARELY fits the box though, so beware, I had to remove one of the fan holders in the side door to make it work. cant wait to power it up.
  5. Doh, I assumed the term SLI ready meant it could power a SLI rig.. Parts get in today, I guess I am going to have to RMA the darn thing.
  6. I have a new Stacker, that came with 4 LED's I believe are inteded for the hard drive cage on the top of the case. Being that I am going to put a fan there, I was curiuos if anyone had a good location to mount those, that would provide a bit of function, perhaps to light the inards of the case, or even the front optical drives. Also, what are all the metal rails for that come with the box? Hate to have a project with tons of extra components, makes me feel like I forgot something.
  7. I cant seem to get a reply anywhere, even emailed Cooler Master on this, and my video card manufacturer, but I recently through Newegg purchased a new system, including the new 750 Watt pro power supply. Will this be adaquate voltage for a sli setup of to 8800GTX video cards, and all the normal additions, such as 4 gb ram, 3 sata drives, X-Fi audio card, Asus Striker Extreme Mobo? Reviews on the power supply are positive, but when I look at Nvidia's website it only lists the 850 as adaquate, and I wasnt sure if that was due to the fact that the 750 is a new model. Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW, love the new Stacker Case. It arrived a day before my other components and it is Begging me to finish itself tonight.