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  1. The PSU came with 2 green PCI connectors(6pins), 2 blue PCI connectors(8pins) and 6 black connectors(molex,floppy and SATA) I just realised that the red LED is on when i just pluged in the power cord without any connectors attached, even when i tried to plug in only the 24pins motherboard connector and the 8pins into the motherboard, the red led stayed still, when i keep pressing the power button, the LED behind PSU actually turn green colour but just a flash moment only. The LED will stay in red colour even i have unpluged everything from the PSU(24 pins, 8 pins, power cord) is this normal?? thanks cheers
  2. I have problem with the coolermaster M1000watt. My PSU box doesn't has the 80plus logo, even though it's stated on the box that it is a ATX form 12V V2.3. Used to be only V2.2 doesn't has the 80plus logo, because it's a beta version, I think... The LED behind PSU showed red colour for me. So, seems to be having an issue with timing delay, especially with some specific motherboards like N680 chipset. Been tried to work out solution for whole day, but no luck at all Thinking to do RMA or return to the reseller and get the credit note, but i really like this PSU as it look charm. sigh......... I'm from melbourne australia cheers my setup: q6600 (default) Gigabyte N680i sli dq6 4gb RAM dominator 8500 2x 8800gtx sli 2x raptor 150gb RAID 0 stacker 830 case vista ultimate 64bit
  3. Thanks Maxession, could I just know what the procedure for RMA and how long should I wait for the replacement unit? I am from Melbourne, Australia. Just incase the reseller doesn't have it in stock. cheers
  4. Sorry, forgot to ask this question on the previous thread. If the PSU come with the 80plus sticker, does it means there are no issue with the 680sli motherboard? thanks
  5. Hi all, I have the same problem with Mathew, everything was pluged according to the instruction sticker on the PSU. The power just run like 1 second then turn everything off automatically. I changed back to my Thermaltake 850watt, then everything back to normal. This is my second PSU that i bought in 1 week. The first 1 was thermaltake toughpower1200watt, and it has problem as well, the PCI express connector seem like not compatible with my 8800gtx My coolermaster 1000watt has the green, blue and black connectors and it doesn't has the 80plus sticker. S/N RSA00ESBA1072700258, Australia type Pls tell me what should i do.. thanks in advance my setup: Coolermaster stacker 830 Q6600 Gigabyte N680i SLI DQ6 2x 8800GTX SLI 4GB Corsair 8500 dominator 2x Raptor 150gb RAID 0 vista ultimate 64bit