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  1. sinse my other pics sucked, I thought i'd post some better ones. and this is where iI keep it you have no moral compass to mess with the shinigami!!
  2. congrats!!! awesome mod you've built
  3. Thank you Mpovh. keep up the good work!! Congrats to you as well!!
  4. man i thought i never slept!! welcome to the club. awesome though.
  5. love your rig !! i liked the original lights no need to change.. just a suggestion though....paint the hinges the same color as the computer to hide them.
  6. thanks SlackerXL!! thats the military training in me. i wanted to do stuff like that but tried to keep this one "real world" everything i did i asked myself "how would the military really build it?" but no worries, i do have a more sci-fi mech idea in the works.
  7. Name of mod: Shinigami Mech (Japanese for god of death, or the grim reaper) Category: Extreme case Cooler Master Products used; 1.1000 watt real power pro 2.4 in 3 device module x 2 3.120 mm blue led fans x 9 4.GeminII heat sink 5.High performance thermal compound 6.CM 281 vfd and control panel (not really a product but part of a case.) work log is here hi-res pics here Description: This is a mech I designed for the Cooler Master 2007 contest. I call it the Shinigami mech (mechwarrior has a mech for every word in the dictionary it seems, so I went with a Japanese name.) I loosely designed the weapons after real world weapons. The right side gun is supposed to be a double auto 8 inch artillery gun, the missile banks consist of 16 SAM and 6 SSM per side, then you have the Auto cannons that sit directly below those that I was inspired by the Bofers auto cannon in the spooky-2 gunship, last is her BFG gatling gun on her left that was inspired by the gau-8 gatling on the A-10 warthog’s. Right below the missile bays (which are basically the blowholes for the 4 in 3 devices) are the optical drives; they can be hard to see. The front canopy sports a ¼ inch heat bent piece of Plexiglas. The camo is based off a navel concept that doesn’t necessarily conceal as much as disrupt the shape. This is to keep unguided weapons from hitting weak points. I just kind of adapted it into an urban look. My Daughter’s and Wife’s names are hidden in the camo, the rear exhaust fan grill looks like camo but is actually my initials ( DS ). The top holds 2- 120 mm blue fans that flip up for easy access to the mother board, which is on a tray that the back door holds in place. The 4 in 3 devices are easily removed by removing the grill and sliding the whole device out the rear. She’s articulated in 9 places, and the best one I like is the head moves 90 degrees total from left to right. The missile bays are held in with rare earth magnets so you can easily hook up power and such to the HDD’s and optical drives. The mech is built with 1 inch pine and some cherry veneer. It has been glued with gorilla glue then screwed together. Most holes have been filled with bondo then sanded. I have about 480 hours labor into it with 55 of it for the paint job. The individual pieces are held together with ¾ in threaded rod. The dimensions are 4 ½ feet tall by 42 inches wide by 39 inches deep. It weighs in at around 120 pounds. The Rest; MSI K8N Neo4 motherboard AMD 3500+ 1.5 GB RAM 3-250 GB HDD’s GeForce 7600 GS Creative Sound Blaster X-fi MSI Theater 550 pro Lightscribe DVD burner
  8. this is the frame i made to bend the 1/4 plex front window i clamped a piece of plex to one side then slowly heated it with a propane torch until it formed to the frame wires all hidden gatling gun rear view with computer off rearview with computer on front view with hood up night shot off front with no flash
  9. standing on its own two feet....i'm such a proud daddy!! rear view gatling gun housing for the barrels installed motherboard and components attached the two bfg's vfd works fine night shot of front with fan grill removed inside missile bay showing optical drive and hard drives
  10. slots for control panel tabs back of control panel. those tabs sticking up will fit into slots i sanded into wood worked like a charm rear view before wire was ran up into the head outside with no flash gives you a pretty good idea of the color scheme wires up through into the head view from inside the case painted the inside flat black then clearcoated the entire head with 6 coats of gloss starting to put the computer parts into place. you will not see all those wires when i'm done. power supply optical drive bezels painted
  11. This is how i achieved my camo pattern. 1>painted black with first masks on 2>painted light gray then second set of masks attached 3>painted blue then 3rd masks attached, then painted dark gray finally peeled of all masks then 6 coats of clearcoat right upper leg. before and after painting auto cannon gun pivots.they will be housed directly below missile bays. closeup of completed missile bay front cover.
  12. seeing if everything fits so far I primed the inside before glueing it together. I just decided to keep going and give the head a coat also. I always use this on plastic before painting. it bonds so your topcoat will not peel or flake. missile fronts before filling and painting checking out my missile bay fronts
  13. close up of top exhaust top exhaust after bondo and sanding control panel from a Cooler Master 281 home theater case. top exhaust flipped up. i will have two 120mm fans attached this is were the control panel will go
  14. Rear door on hinges. I will use magnets to secure it in the upright position. Rear view of mother board tray front view with mother board tray in I drilled holes into where the "auto cannon" compartment will be. This area will serve to support the missile bays, where i will run connections to the hard drives and optical drives, and to conceal any extra wires. Auto cannon compartment ...And attached. Front view with optical drive and hard drive placement you can also see that on top i have started the top exhaust vent. (looks like a 'W')
  15. This is the beginning of my new custom computer case. It will be of a mechwarrior type of construct. I will make it out of wood and pvc. This is the short version of my worklog to give you guys an idea of how its built. for full worklog go here What you see here is the beginning of the main body with where the motherboard will set. Back side. Front side you can see where i've drilled a hole from the main body to the control center and bolted them together with 3/4 inch threaded rod. front view with control center hooked to main body rear view this will be where i'll mount the power supply fitting of missile bay.. man those little chairs come in handy!! rear view. front view. getting ready to attach missile bays. you can see where the motherboard will set also. Rear view with rear power supply door taken off. I Used a jigsaw and a dremel to cut track for pvc pipe so i can run wires from control center to main body pvc pipe that will hold the wires. bottom view. Top view control center view