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  1. Yay! I'm running on my Aquagate now! Everything is running perfect except for one thing. Every now and then, I hear a faint "knocking" noise coming from the unit. Any idea what that may be? It doesn't seem to be immediately harmful, as my CPU is running at about 98F.
  2. Okay, I figured it out. Turns out, the CPU wasn't staying in the ZIF socket when the latch would close. It had nothing to do with the AG. However, I'm still curious to know if the system will still boot if the controller card malfunctions.
  3. I tried it. No go. I'll try every component in another system until I weed out the problem device if there is one. I'm still wondering if it has something to do with the controller card. It's supposed to go from the button on the case to the Y-lead that was supplied with the AG. Then it splits to the controller card and to the power button pins on the mobo, right? If the controller card were faulty, would it prevent the system from being turned on, as a failsafe so the system won't boot without pumping water? Or is it strictly to shutdown if the CPU temp gets too high?
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to try a few things, since I'm not the only one who has had this problem with this mobo. One question, though: Is the thermal grease that comes with the AquaGate electrically conductive? I removed the waterblock and noticed I had gotten some of it on various areas of the CPU that it shouldn't be. I'm going to clean it up and try again and see if it works.
  5. Oh no! I hope it's not the video card! It's a brand new GeForce 6800GT OC. I'll try it and see if it works, though. EDIT: Just tried that. No go. It still does the same thing where it does absolutely nothing. It's got to be some kind of disruption between the actual power button and the power switch lead, but I've rechecked it several times. I'm going to contact Abit with the POSTcodes I got and see what they mean.
  6. I'm having a particularily frustrating problem. As noted in a couple other threads, I ran into the "thermal sensor broke" problem and Bret was nice enough to send me two more (thanks again, for that). In the meantime, while waiting for them to arrive, I decided to sleeve my PSU cables. Objective completed by the time the sensors arrived. I popped in a new sensor and hooked everything up. I powered it up and immediately I noticed that the beeping had stopped and the CPU temp was at a comfortable level. However, 3 - 4 seconds later, the system STILL shutdown. I thought that perhaps I had too many components in the system and the PSU just couldn't keep up. Or perhaps, in my sleeving process, I had melted some of the wiring insulation and ruined the cables. So I ordered a brand new, 450W PSU. I put it in, hooked it all up, turned it on, and all I got was a "click" from my speakers. No lights, no display on the AG display, no PSU fans spinning. Absolutely nothing but the "click." I do, however, get the red Power LED on the board, along with the POSTcode display (it's an Abit AN7 with the POSTcode reader). I took the PSU out, plugged it into another system and it worked fine. I've double-checked and checked again that the power switch lead and the Y-lead that came with the AG are properlly installed and hooked up to the controller card. However, I still get nothing. I've tried everything I could think of, short of dismantling it all and putting it back together. My question is, has anyone else experienced problems with the AG controller card or any other problems related to these symptoms? I thought it was, perhaps, a fried CPU, but every time I've booted, the AG turned on and water flowed through, so unless there's a serious design flaw in my particular system, it's not that.
  7. Bryant, did you get my email? I sent it from work, so it's from a different account than the one I registered with.
  8. I, too, am having the same problem. I followed the instructions to set it up except I didn't initially attach it to the cpu just in case there was a leak, I didn't want coolant all over my stuff. I got it all hooked up, the only difference was the thermal sensor was sitting in midair and the waterblock wasn't attached. I turned it on, ran the water through till the tank alarm sounded, topped off the tank again and bled it for about ten minutes. Everything was working fine. The "CPU" temp (which was really just the air) was registering about 80F. Not surprising since it's inside the case. It was working perfectly. I took off the current HSF and attached the waterblock (which, by the way, is a pain and a half to do while simultaneously trying to keep the sensor in place). Finally, after 10 minutes of messing around with it, I got it attached. Now here's where it gets funky. Initially, I'd boot it and it would go fine for about half a second, then the beeping would kick in and the system would shut down. I checked the LCD and when I booted, the CPU temp was ~20C, then it would climb to ~30, then spring up to ~90, then shut off. I thought perhaps the sensor slipped while I was putting the waterblock on. So I removed the waterblock and sure enough, the sensor had thermal grease all up and down it. I wiped it off, and tried again. I finally found a technique that I tested a couple of times and made sure the sensor was where it should be. I booted again. Now it makes it to the POST beep, then shuts down. The LCD shows dashes for the CPU temp. So I tried to revert back to how I had it working before, minus the HSF because I originally thought it was the BIOS shutting it down because it couldn't detect a CPU fan and in the midst of holding the fan while trying to boot with it plugged in, it slipped in my hand, took a nice chunk of meat out of my palm, and broke a blade off. So I ditched that idea quick. I took the sensor out from between the CPU and waterblock and positioned it so it would sit upright and detect the air temp again. I boot it and the same thing: dashes for CPU temp, alarm, and shutdown. I'm wondering of there's a batch of faulty thermal sensors or if the thermal grease that is included is somehow messing up the sensor, causing it to not register any temp. Either way, I'm placing my bets on a faulty sensor. Any suggestions on what else to try?