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  1. Thx. Weird thing is that the "sample/review" versions still appear to be in the channel. My first 1000w modular v2.2 has been replaced with the same model which also was a v2.2. I returned the replacement to my retailer as well because chances are slim that this one would work. 4launch will refund my account. According to them it was not possible to obtain a v2.3 modular with colored connectors because they don't have control over what their supplier sends them. Phoneing their supplier or Coolermaster supposedly would not help. To me this is a pity because I really like the Coolermaster 1000w modular and am now stuck with my old PSU....... Furthermore I think its a bad thing that apparently Coolermaster has PSU's in the channel which are sample/review ones. Also, in this thread Realpower M850. PC won't start. Any advice please? one of the posters (brumic) seems to have a coldboot type of issue even with the v2.3 version of M1000watt. Now this might be an isolated case but it might also be that there is still an issue out there with certain CM PSU's icw certain motherboards / chipsets, especially nforce 680 but probably also my nforce4. It's dreadful to see an otherwise great PSU (see review) being plagued by this issue.
  2. So the Retail Modular PSU's which real customers should be receiving would look like this?: RS-850-ESBA + ATX v2.3 + Blue&green Colored Connectors RS-A00-ESBA + ATX v2.3 + Blue&green Colored Connectors
  3. Hi Ron, Thx No, I'm afraid the PSU only had black connectors I'll await my retailers response and hopefully I will get a v2.3 with colored connectors and it will work with my setup because, after all, the PSU comes in a very well cared for box, looks great and has been tested very positively @ Since 4launch, afaik, has a good reputation this will probably work out.
  4. Well it was in a sealed box like the ones pictured in this forum (however without 80plus sticker/picture) from a reputable online retailer in the Netherlands, "4launch". So then it would have to be a repacked beta by CM itself I guess..... I have filed for RMA and will sent out the PSU today. Would appreciate if someone could tell me whether the ATX v2.3 PSU (incl 80plus sticker) from Coolermaster are shipping in Europe/The Netherlands? If they would sent me a replacement, such a version would improve the chance of having no problems I guess.
  5. Thx. Tried that as well with powerbutton trick, unfortunately still same result -> black screen. Should beta's get out to real customers
  6. If you scan through this thread You can see The sticker in question I'm afraid, at least on my PC, al the pictures are "dead" (red cross)....
  7. No, it plugs in straight to the wall socket so no UPS. Furthermore after reading the following thread: I tried to push the powerbutton, quickly thereafter again and hold it which I had to try a few times. This made the PSU startup and I heard the hard drive boot however I got no image on my screen. It stayed black. (all connectors incl VGA are connected properly). Then I hooked up my Tagan again and everything works again. I get the feeling my PSU has a similar issue as the 850w had. Furthermore the box and PSU didn't have the 80plus logo and the PSU is ATX v2.2 as opposed to the website where it is ATX v2.3 Further info for this modulair 1000W PSU: Product No: RS-A00-ESBA S/N: RSA00ESBA1070200051 EU Type EAN outside of US & Canada: 4719512005132 Hopefully some technician or representative of Coolermaster could reply here..... Thx.
  8. Just received my new Coolermaster 1000watt modulair PSU. Looks great but it doesn't work... When I connect all connectors firmly into their sockets the fan spins up 1 second and then everything powers down. Everything is clocked standard and running perfectly fine at the moment (and for the last two years) on my old Tagan 480watt -U22 PSU. No other components have been changed except for the PSU. To me this is really weird. Never encountered this in my 15years of building pc's for myself. Normally a PSU is simply plug & play.. Anybody here who has an idea or seen this before? Furhtermore, the website states that the PSU would be ATX v2.3, the one I got is version v2.2. Also the amperages are different on the website. So how is that possible? Is this a misprint on the website ? Thx!