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  1. Back to report on my Experience. - Request for RMA 8/25/07 - 8/28/07 No response sent out second request for RMA - 8/28/07 Received response to Fill out RMA Request form (I found this to be redundant since the original request has information needed for the RMA.) - 8/29/07 sent out Filled out requested form and documents - 8/29/07 Received RMA instruction - 8/31/07 Shipped out unit - 9/07/07 Unit delivered (This took a while USPS longer than I expected) - 9/11/07 Sent out requesting Turn around time for the RMA. - 9/13/07 Sent out second request on Time frame and now status of RMA. - 9/13/07 Replacement unit being sent out. later to follow will be tracking number - 9/17/07 Unit arrives in my hands. I haven't tested the unit as of yet due to time constraints on other pressing obligations. I'm sure the unit works. The Unit does have the 80 plus sticker on it. I wasn't able to look in the unit to see if in fact the mod was accomplished. I gather it was done. If I open it I void any warranty. Even looking inside the unit it is very difficult to see anything inside. I trust every thing should go well. All and all I think it could have taken less than 20 days. I could have shipped out the unit Sooner. I lost some time there. USPS could have done better job they promised 3-5days. Cooler Master needed a some reminders that they had a costumer waiting. UPS In retrospect I should of waited a couple more days before shipping out the unit. The folks at Compusa received an batch of new units shortly after. I could have taken care of it locally. Maybe next Time. Hopefully not. Things should work out of the box. By the way Cooler Master You got great reviews at Xbitlabs.com http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/other/display/atx-psu7.html
  2. What is the average Turn time on a RMA?
  3. If you scan through this thread You can see The sticker in question
  4. Wow I picked one up today also. I was hoping for a sticker on the unit. I Didn't realize that the sticker should of been on the box also. I must say I was disappointed. One thing is good that It looks like CM is owning up to the problem. I Submitted for an RMA. I bought this PSU because of the review and Especially from the reviews of the BIG Brother 1000w. I figure they would be using the same manufacturer of the PSU as the 1000w and It appear it is "E166947" RMA request submitted and I will report back with the final outcome with a time line.