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  1. not sure if anyone mentione/noticed this..... but even though the air blowing directly at the motherboard isn't the greatest option for this case due to it's airflow system...... it's probably REALLY not helping it to have the fan on the HR-03 on the video card blowing down towards the card.
  2. ...typical Inq to call a name "absurd". i think Cosmos is a cool name. at least better than the Thermaltake SwordM (and in case you weren't sure... it's not a typo. it's actually "SwordM"... with the M at the end. why, i don't know. the case is hideous too). Would be nice to hear from CM Staff though about the situation and about my initial question.
  3. Again..... this post was targeted more for CoolerMaster staff..... and those of us that own a Cosmos. I'd prefer leaving comments about a completely different case out of the picture.
  4. ElementalDragon

    ESA Cosmos

    This is more towards CoolerMaster staff.... and possibly other fellow Cosmos owners. I just read an article on Gizmodo about the Cosmos conforming to ESA Standards, and it showed pictures of what's supposedly an upcoming revision of the case, with a fan hole on the side panel (which doesn't really make sense to me, but whatever), and a thermal control board to control fan speeds and such. What i'm wondering is.... should this new revised case be released, is there any way that those of us who already own the original Cosmos would be able to get one of those thermal control boards so we can possibly mount it in our non-updated Cosmos's? One thing i've been looking to get for quite a while was a fan controller to keep noise and possibly temperatures down, but since i got the Cosmos, there aren't really any that fit behind the drive bay door that don't cost a small fortune.... in terms of a fan controller anyway. I mean... i wouldn't mind if getting the new side panel with the fan port wasn't an option, since i think that would cut down on the quietness of the case. Even if it would cost a small amount of money for those of us that already own the case to get either the thermal controller or the revised side panel... or both. Just figured i'd put that out in the air. Love the case, but not too much of a fan of how limited it is on fan speed control.
  5. webber: no..... it's not just above the motherboard. it's not above a standard ATX.... or a MicroATX.... or any other motherboard you could throw in there. How do i know? look at the pics oberon attached. just under the metal bar with the latches on the backside of the motherboard tray, you can clearly see that the very first row of 3 holes there are in use by the motherboard standoff's. The only possible way to get the wire management slot to come out just above the motherboard would be to cut out a rather nice sized chunk of that bar that's used for the latches... which would cause said latches to not function.
  6. well.... wouldn't say "experienced" cosmos guy's.... or even Guru's unless you're talking to people at CoolerMaster asking them for advice, since next to nobody has owned the case until about a week ago.... but i don't think any radiator will fit under the top cover. if it does... it'd be a stretch.... or one thin radiator. Then there's the fact that it supposedly wouldn't be mounted to the top fans due to the fact that they're pre-drilled to fit either 2x 120mm or 2x 140mm fans, so two 120's have a bit of a space between them.
  7. Yeah.... Newegg has had them available for like... a week now. purchased mine on Monday, August 20th.
  8. oberon: uuh... yeah.... the back of his case is nicely wired. don't think that's the primary concern though. the main concern is that due to the design flaws not allowing use of the bottom or top wire slots to be used for anything other than a cooling fan wire or a few (and webber... contrary to your belief, moving the wire management slot to where you put the blue line in that pic would NOT aid in any way, seeing as doing so would put it directly behind the motherboard) makes the inside of the case look like a wire-riddled mess. if you wanna see what i'm talking about.... here's a pic of my current setup in my Cosmos. To someone at Coolermaster: is there any chance that a replacement side panel could be made that still has the spots for it to latch on, but have some of the excess metal between those latch holes be removed so that wires can be run through it? And i'm guessing that if a revised Cosmos is in fact released.... there's no chance of being able to trade in our current Cosmos for the revised one, is there? lol. would be nice. kinda like eVGA's video card step-up program.