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  1. It doesn't look like an RMA would do anything, as the new caps would then just wear out the same way. The "W" key has now also started to wear out. I suppose this is because my fingers are always on the WASD keys when playing Counter-Strike, and it's quite hot where I am right now (on a Greek island); 30C/86F with about 65% humidity. I guess the ink (or whatever is used to engrave the letters on the caps) isn't durable and just dissolves away. I tried replacing the WASD keys with the red key caps that came with the keyboard, but those have a huge problem: they're bigger and stick out higher then the rest of the keys, making them useless for normal usage. If all generic Cherry caps are compatible with this keyboard, then I guess that's good enough for me. All I want really is for the key caps not to look worn out with the engraved lettering chipped-away. Something without engraved letters would be best, probably. My main problem will be finding someone who ships this stuff, since in my region (Greece) I can't find a single online shop that sells key caps... They seem to be a niche thing.
  2. I have the XT and have it connected through PS/2. There is no delay when pressing multiple keys. If I press 8 keys at once with both my hands, all of them seem to be registered at exactly the same time.
  3. Hello. I bought a Quick Fire XT a few days ago. Unfortunately, the keycaps of this keyboard seem to be of extremely poor quality. After 5 days already, the letters of some keys have already worn off (the "S" and "D" look especially bad now.) The letters are normally white, but now the parts that have worn off are of a red-ish color. Also, normally they have an etched feel to them. The worn-off parts don't feel etched anymore. This looks quite ugly. It is very disappointing to see this happening after 5 days. I suspect that by the end of the month, more keys will start looking like that. My question is: are there keycaps I can order for this keyboard that are of acceptable quality?