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  1. This was just posted in Announcements. Aquagate Max is i7-ready. Thread: CM Store Link:
  2. I agree. I have used the aquagate max and it is a good, easy to use system that is quieter and cools better than any air cooler out there. It would be nice to have an update to the aquagate series.
  3. The original article at VR-Zone. Also at Bit-tech.
  4. Creech

    CM Stacker 832SE

    Hi fascinus, The Stacker 832SE is a great case. I bought two of them when they were on sale at Newegg and I have been very pleased with them. The Hyper 212 will fit, but you probably will not be able to use the 120/140 fan mount directly above the heatsink unless you get a very thin fan. As far as a modular power supply, I have not used one in the 832, but I have been very pleased with the Corsair HX series in other cases. They have gold plated connectors and are manufactured by either Seasonic or CWT, both great manufacturers. I would assume all the cables are more than long enough for the 832, but I don't know for sure. I haven't used the crossflow fan before, but I wouldn't think it would be necessary unless you have a very hot motherboard or are an extreme overclocker. There are plenty of fans and fan mounts as it is. Everything else should work fine and make a great system. I have some of the same RAM and it fits with the Hyper 212 on my motherboard (Biostar TForce 780G M2+ HP). Let us know what you end up with and maybe post some pics of your system when it's done.
  5. Actually, EsaT is correct, and you are too in a way, clorenz. The theoretical maximum throughput for USB2.0 is higher than the theoretical maximum throughput of FireWire400. But in real-world situations, and considering that FireWire800 is standard now, it has a much higher actual speed than USB2.0 in nearly all situations. The difference in actual speed is mainly because USB is limited by the host processor whereas FireWire is not. As far as the front panel I/O on cases goes, I think as long as there are at least two or three USB, one IEEE1394, and audio/mic, most people will be good to go. Extra USB ports and an ESATA port would be welcome additions though especially as more external hard drives support ESATA. Some people like memory card readers, but I would never really use one on the front panel.
  6. Awesome! An all black interior would be one of the coolest things ever. And +1 for the removable tray with a heatsink cutout. If these are anything like the previous ATCS cases, which I'm sure they will be, then they might just be one of the best cases ever. CM FTW!
  7. Awesome! I got my stuff in today too. I'll post some pictures sometime this weekend. Thanks CM!!!
  8. Awesome! Mine were sent out today too. I shold have them by Friday if everything goes well. I'm not sure, but I think all the prizes were just given to Lucas for him to distribute. And remember that not everyone participating is in the US too. Even from Taiwan though, it should only take a few days. I can hardly wait! Everyone be sure to post pictures of your prizes once you get them.
  9. Wow, those look amazing. Great work as usual, Boddaker.
  10. Nice work on the engine pods. Can't wait to see the finished product!
  11. Thanks CM! I've almost got enough stuff for my case mod for the contest now!
  12. But my review is up!
  13. They are coming along nicely. I can't wait to see this mod when it is done.
  14. Yeah, I definitely want them too, if they will be sold apart from the Gemini Mini. They are pretty cool looking.