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  1. That's great... as well as a bit embarassing. In my defense, the webpage lists them as new so they can't have been out for too long... right? Any idea when those are going to hit Greek retailers? Suggestions of European e-tailers who ship to Greece would be welcome, too.
  2. A programmable external LCD display -similar to the "ScreenDuo" found with Asus Premium Vista motherboards- would probably create a lot of buzz in the market, if priced right. I believe it was the unrealistic price premium (pun unintended) and Vista exclusivity that shot down Asus's chances for mass market success with their take on this kind of gadget.
  3. LED fans usually look good on cases, especially those with clear sidepanels, but there are times and places where they eventually become an annoyance. For those of us who like the LED effect, but not the idea of sleeping with a bedlight , perhaps Coolermaster could create LED fans with a simple on/off switch?