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  1. I sold off my black stacker case 2 months ago as the wait alone for a black one was long enough when it came out let alone the black side window! HA! Better luck next time CM design department! More cokehead inspired silver case colors please! I'd buy that for a dollar!
  2. sklbns27

    Stacker 830

    Well if you want me to look at a picture of it don't make me download a zipped .EXE file! Is this .EXE some kind of trojan virus to attack the workers computers at [competitor] incase they rip off another design? Geezz Also...What's up with all the silver on CM stuff? Is your design department minds stuck in the 80's, doing cocaine and watching Terminator / Robocop movies? That's what this new Stacker 830 says to me. "I'd buy that for a dollar" Literally!!!
  3. Still waiting here too ... not as active but still wanting that black stacker window.... I guess I should of just bought the silver stacker case and payed someone $200 for a custom paint job. All this bitching would of been over in less than a month and I would of had a case with girls rubbin thier tits in my face with my case that would look something like CooL Blooded's oh well.,,.. I'm building my own case and comptuer stand next time. Screw the middle men. It's turning into the telephone game with making computer cases now!
  4. Dosn't the Real Power 450 (450-ACLY) come with a 24pin-20pin addaptor? I thought it did when I got mine. Look inside the box again make sure you didn't miss it? Or maybe I got mine with the Stacker case. I forget....
  5. I'm wokring on mine but I don't think I'm going to take the crazy mod route this time. I'll just get pissed on how it dosn't look anything close to yours CooL Blooded. Ever see that episode of the Simpson's where Homer tried to bulid "Le Grill"? I think I'm going ditch the left side pannel . If anyone wants to trade me thier black stacker right side pannel for my black stacker left side circle vent pannel message me. Or talk me out of it as it won't work? Greg
  6. Thanks man but that forum in in Portuguese not in Spanish... (Portugal and Spain are not the same, in Brazil is spoken Portuguese, u know?) Thats some funny s#!T! There I said it! I wish people would be more kind to other people. I don't go knocking Canadians for saying "Eh" all the time... sheesh,... Sr_Lobo I am sorry these people treated you so bad. Hopfully they will calm down and understand what WWW stands for someday..... Oh wait, I'm sorry it's too hard to go translate something in Babblefish! Waaaaaa....Mommy!! Peace, Greg [EDIT] Please, lets not bash other forum members. It's unnecessary.
  7. Hahahah!!! We all drool at CooL Blooded's case!!! That's a step beyond what I was thinking back on page 3 as CooL Blooded's has the insides painted black too! I love it. remeber this? The silver side bars and dome on my black stacker case I got from Circotech (attn: HYDRA) just makes the stacker look dated for 2004. I know I'm goign to want to paint it all black someday.... CooL Blooded do you have any recomends where I can get front side bars and dome part painted black done? Or as you put it "sent out".
  8. I tried this with both a regular light bulb and a halogen track light and I don't see any "specks" but I did see some dust build up on the case as I'm still waiting for all my parts and Real Power 450 to show up. Hope everything works out for you Hydra! Greg
  9. I'm not sure what "specks" are but I'm guessing it was what I saw when I first got mine. Maybe dust or something from the clear coat? I just took my finger, rubbed them out and I can't see anything that stands out that would make me want to return mine.
  10. Yes .I will post soon. Very happy now. Thank you bigbadbns for getting them in the US shops!! Now I'm getting the urge to run down to a local shop and raid them for parts., "Hard drives.. give me hard drives! lots of 'em!!!!"
  11. aaahhh yeah!!! it's black as black. No dents or anything strange on the outside part of the case. The top and sides match perfect with the black plastic front part. I'm getting high off the paint fumes as I speak! Going to open it up later. Now I just need a new digital camera.. Goodluck to all in the UK! Hope you get'em soon!
  12. I'd like to time out for a second and go back to a comment on page 1. HQ really did what now? heheh... I think HQ is going to owe somehting bigtime as all the shops on the net selling out of balck stacker before it's even shipped!@ haha... PS. Any other shops on the net pre-ordering? That one that's been talked about (Circotech) is sold out of thier first batch now I want it noooooowww...
  13. hahah. oh yeah. Forgot about the parts!! I've been waiting so long for this black stacker case that the parts I originaly wanted to build my new computer with are old and out of date now. Looks like I'll just have to get the latest top of the line parts now! Darn!
  14. Wait so You called Cirotech and they told you 16 of them plus your are sold? Or you ordered 16 black stackers?!?! Maybe you're planning on building my black Stacker Monolith concept I submitted in the What products would you like to see CM come up with? forum? Also the black window pannel for the stacker sounds like (from bigbadbns) it isn't going to be be out in the US so maybe order one from England or Taiwan? Heck. I guess it's time I buy a dremel for once and DIY.
  15. That place seems kind of strange. For the side panel options. it say "Black Body See Thru Side Window Panel, No Stock(+41)". They are listing stuff that isn't offically coming out (yet?). I'd be question their service if they say the black stacker will be in by the 28th. I can't find any other shops but the old ones that messed up on listing the silver one.