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  1. I'll apologize for my rant, but I was severely disappointed with fight I had getting faceplate on floppy drive. Drilled out the stripped screw, ever so carefully. Cut away mounting (bracket) in side, manufactured 18GA replacements, and Tigged 120mm mounting bracket into place. Sunon's draw alot of air, but CPU is much cooler now. Replacing rear fan with a 3100RPM Sunon, had a nasty side effect without side mods and fan. Alone, the rear fan replacement drew more air across the Raptors, and actually heated the case an additional 6-8C. Looking at getting much higher RPM fan for top exhaust. This isn't that bad a case, just :), if you don't have access to fabrication facilities. Coolermaster didn't make me buy this particular case. With enough welding,cutting, and modding it will suit my needs. Hope the folks at CoolerMaster consider using substantially more powerful fans in future releases of this type.
  2. Just installed the floppy rails, graciously supplied by coolermaster. Wow, am I seriously pissed. I work in a sheet metal shop, and should probly go into the business of supplying this item. Slightly better than generic adaptor rails, but not by much. Faceplate only installs by removing retainer plate. Kinda hanging there, helpless. After beating on it for half an hour, realised there was a compatibility issue. Looks OK, but not very functional. Tried installing a fan on side, but of course whomever installed the grill, stripped out all 6 screws. Gotta lower the torque on those AirWrenches. No chance of using current box, with side fan. Gonna hafta design a replacement side. Looks like side was meant to accomodate an 80 mm fan, not a 120 like the rest of the case . Why in God's name would there be even 1 80mm fan in a case touted as be a possibble server solution. Gotta mod the crap out of this thing to get adequate exhaust. Still no HLED display, why in the name that is all that is good, did I not spend a couple of extra dollars, and get the Lian Liu case? Really, really pissed at this case for so many reasons. Just put a respectable exhaust fan in. Why could'nt Coolermaster do this? Wimpy 120 mm fans are fine for joe sixpack, but joe sixpack doesn't buy this case. I'll gladly spend a few hundred extra dollars in the future, for decent cases. Enjoy you're experiences with Coolermaster cases, but I think I'll go for quality from now on. Later.
  3. Wow , you know if I were really consciencious, I'd have already performed cap mods to all 7 Raptor connectors, of course I haven't , I'm an old school slacker. During spool up to 10KRPM, these drives can easily draw 3 times they're normal current reqs. After that, they are fine , idling at 10k RPM, they are virtually silent, and totally unobtrusive. Soldering 60Micro farad caps onto 7 different, SATA power connectors, is not my idea of a fun afternoon. Specs from WD does not take take simultaneous spool up currents of 7 Raptors into consideration. Who'd be that stupid besides me. I should add that "Idling" is kind of a misnomer in my case, since rarely ever, are System Idle processes allowed. Only when F@H fails to acquire new project do any of my systems, actually come off of full CPU usage. Not sure how much HD activity is actually involved, but if you put you're ear against the cages, you can kind of tell they are running.
  4. With 5 Raptors spooling up simultaneously in RAID5, My system would occassionally fail to post. Clocking the bus 5 more MHz, system always failed to post, with a single PSU. With 2 PSU's, restrictions gone. Haven't had to clear CMOS once, since going to 2 PSU configuration. Well worth the 50 bucks for a second power supply.
  5. Thank you for a couple different points of view on air flow. Generally it is a good idea to have more exhaust , than intake. With this case, and it's open front, this should be especially true. I'll play with a few different configurations, and see what I get. I have seen a couple of really nice reviews of this case, with professional installs. In both cases the wiring was very neat and uncluttered, unlike mine. The only way I this as possible, is by opening both PSU's, and unsoldering excess wires. Is this the way folks get neat looking cases? I have 2 fairly large bundles of unused wires and connectors. Besides being in the way, one is diminishing air flow. Surely they aren't just clipping the wires off at the PSU's? If my questions sound silly, it's because I'm learning as I go.
  6. Last weekend, moved my very crowded rig, from a Praeterian case to my new CM Stacker. Using 2 cages, I have 5 little Raptors, and 3 IDE drives. Board running cooler, than before, but still a tad warm. I'm installing an IHC-H71 (noisemaker),this weekend. Best clip on Heatpipe I could find. Also have a pair of Sunon 120mmx38mm fans to install (more noisemakers). Looking for advice on optimum distribution of additional fans. Cross flow fan not an option, Promise SX4 RAID Card very long, darn near touched the HD's in my old case. I plan to attempt mounting the current rear exhaust fan on the side panel, replace rear exhaust with one of the Sunon's. Should side panel fan blow in or out? Think carefully, really need exhaust. With a 6,000 RPM fan on the heatsink, will blowing cooler air directly at it help? Or will additional exhaust power help move air in through open 2 bays in front of case? Would I be better served putting second Sunon in Side Panel? Blowing which way? With 2 PSU's in this case, I have a wiring mess. Could someone suggest a link to organizing all these darned wires. Sleeving would make bigger clumps of wires, I would think. Seen plenty of Pics of pro installs, but this is my first home build. Totally clueless as to how you manage all these wires, with connectors everywhere. Is there an issue with the HLED? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm learning as I go. This is an edu-tainment project.
  7. PSU Master/Slave connector is no myth, using mine. Essentially it's the green wire mod, without needing a soldering iron. Allows switch on Master PSU to control On/Off function of both PSU's. The reason they would include this adaptor and case slot for second PSU, is that the case is big enough for server (small one anyways) duty. My board is OC'ed and have 8 HD's in the case. 1,000 watt plus PSU's are scarce, and very pricey if reliable. Now just gotta get better air flow, 1,200 RPM fans not cutting it.